Walkers Weekly NFL Picks

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Every single Wednesday check back to this page for daily picks and analysis on this week’s NFL action by Nathan Walker. 

Week 2 NFL Selections

Texans vs. Bengals – Bengals win

Bengals win this one in my opinion due to the starting QB of each team. Yes, the Texans have J.J. Watt and a lot of motivation but those two things don’t often score points. Often times, and almost always, the offense scores the points their team gets. And probably the most important player in terms of scoring points is the QB. I think that Dalton will lead the Bengals to a win and Savage won’t lead the Texans at all. That said, if DeShaun Watson takes over, we could see a late Texans’ win.


Bills vs. Panthers – Panthers win

I believe the Panthers win this one because they’re a more complete team than the Bills. I think this could be a good chance for Cam Newton to take control of his season and start to look like Cam again.


Bears vs. Buccaneers – Buccaneers win

Even though the Bears almost won their week 1 game, I don’t think they’ll come as close this week. Look for the Bucs’ to show some talent in this game in an attempt to show themselves as a threat this year. Also, watch for Jameis Winston III to show off a little and show he’s a serious starting NFL QB.


Vikings vs. Steelers – Steelers win

I think the Steelers win this one due to their running game. Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell had a less than impressive week last week and is looking to “do better” this week. Both are good teams but the Steelers have more to play for and better coaching and talent even. This one will likely be won by the Steelers due to better coaching and a better run game.


Cardinals vs. Colts – Cardinals win

The Cardinals win this one due to how disorganized the Colts are right now and due to the fire, their coach has in him. The Cardinals are hungry for a win after an embarrassing week 1 loss to the Lions. This one could go either way depending on multiple things but I see the Cards’ winning this one.


Patriots vs. Saints – Patriots win

Patriots win this one because Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick won’t let his team start the season 0-2. I think the Patriots win this one and will basically have the game won by half way through the third quarter. I think the Saints are a very talented team but they will be no match for the skill and determination of the Pats’.


Browns vs. Ravens – Browns win

I think the Browns win this one in an upset. I think this could be a, “coming out” for DeShone Kizer even. He had some impressive moments week 1 and now has eliminated the nerves of his first NFL start. I could be wrong about this one but I think the rivalry factor may help Kizer this week. As a college QB rivalry games are a very big deal, I expect that old habit is still with Kizer. If Kizer has the performance I think he will, the Browns win this one.


Eagles vs. Chiefs – Chiefs

I think this one will be a close one but Andy Reid will put a little extra effort into this game. I think anytime anyone, coach or player, goes up against a team they were dropped or traded from they play a little more intensely. I think that the Chiefs will use that and the momentum they have from their surprise win over the Patriots week 1 as fuel for the win. This game likely won’t be decided till late in the game.


Titans vs. Jaguars – Titans win

I put the Titans over the Jags’ in this one because of the QB situation again. The Titans have a leader for their team, the Jags’ do not. I see the Titans offense having a big day on this one.


Jets vs. Raiders – Raiders

I see the Raiders winning this one simply because they’re the more talented and better-coached team. This game will likely be one that is basically decided by the end of the third quarter.


Dolphins vs. Chargers – Chargers win

I’m giving this one to the Chargers because of one thing the Dolphins have, Jay Cutler. Any time that a team starts Jay Cutler, bet on the other team.


Cowboys vs. Broncos – Cowboys win

Cowboys win this one due to their offense. If the Cowboys can do what they normally do, they’ll have a nice win here. I expect the Broncos to put up a good fight but to ultimately fall to the Cowboys by at least two scores.


49ers vs. Seahawks – Seahawks win

I see the Seahawks winning this one almost easily even. I think that this week the Seahawks will look to bounce back from their week 1 loss to the Packers. Watch for the Seahawks to take out their frustrations on the 49ers this week.


Redskins vs. Rams – Rams win

I give this one to the Rams. The Rams win this one because of their offense and because of the level of excitement among the team. This is probably the best team the Rams have had in at least 5 or 6 years. Watch for the Redskins defense to be what loses it for them against the Rams this week.


Packers vs. Falcons – Packers win

Packers win this one to get some revenge for the playoffs last year where the Falcons ended their Super Bowl dreams. Watch for the Packers to play hard and with a lot of passion. Also, watch for the Packers defense to get a few interceptions and possibly to run one back for a score.


Lions vs. Giants – Giants win

Giants win this one I believe because again they are a more complete team. The Lions have a good offense but still, lack a strong defense. Watch for Giants QB Eli Manning to exploit the Lions defense and to throw a few really nice passes in this one. I just don’t think the Lions defense can stop the Giants offense.