2017 Staff NFL Quarterback Rankings

Welcome everyone to the 365 Sports Network staff 2017 NFL Quarterback Rankings. Every other day starting July 29th, 2017 we will be releasing five quarterbacks on our lists with quick thoughts on as to why they were ranked in their current position. Each staff writer will be contributing to this ongoing page. All staff writers will have their rankings posted at different times so please keep an eye out on our tweets as we will be releasing a tweet announcing our respective ranking. Any questions please email us: JustinKish@365SportsNetwork.com.

Quarterback #32:

Nathan Walker: Cody Kessler (Browns): Coach Hue Jackson seems to like him a lot and appears to believe in him. However, Kessler’s rookie year, a 65 percent completion rate, 6 TDs, and 2 INTs were less than impressive and that’s why he’s number 32 on the list.

Justin David Kish: Mike Glennon (Bears): After spending the past 2-seasons behind Jamies Winston in Tampa Bay, Mike Glennon is getting his chance in Chicago. The starting role is Glennon’s to lose as the Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the 2nd overall selection in this year’s draft. The quarterback battle is going to be a topic for discussion during camp.

Quarterback #31:

Nathan Walker: Bryce Petty (Jets): Had a nice half rallying to beat the 49er’s on the road, but besides that, he didn’t do much. In fact, at times he struggled to look like a starting NFL Quarterback. The Jets aren’t too worried though as they look for a replacement.

Justin David Kish: Jared Goff (Rams): Jared Goff’s rookie season was very disappointing as he would make seven starts and go winless in all seven of his starts. Jared Goff is now getting a whole new fresh start in 2017 and it will be under a new head coach in Sean McVay and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. This year, Jared Goff will have new additions in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods as well as Tavon Austin in his arsenal hopes of having an impactful sophomore year.

Quarterback #30:

Nathan Walker: Tom Savage (Texans): This one is likely to change but for now we’ll put him at number 30 on the list. Texans have no reason to not look for a replacement for Savage. Savage has spent 3 years in Houston playing just five games with no touchdowns, one interception, and a fumble. Numbers like that speak for themselves, and they don’t say much.

Justin David Kish: Tom Savage (Texans): I have to agree with Nathan on this position. Since joining the Texans back in 2014, Tom Savage has had a few chances to win the starting role but has failed to nail down the starting role. “For now” Tom Savage may be the starting quarterback but rookie DeShaun Watson will be pushing him for the starting role during camp.

Quarterback #29:

Nathan Walker: Jared Goff (Rams): Appearing in seven games as a rookie without a win landed Goff at 29 on the list. However with a new coach, new plays, and an improved Offense he does have a chance at very different stats this year. Also, he won’t open the season 3rd on the depth chart again, his offensive line is better, and Robert Woods will help at receiver. In just his early 20’s, this QB has a lot of proving himself to do.

Justin David Kish: Brian Hoyer (49ers): Quarterback Brian Hoyer is still finding ways to be a starter in the National Football League and the weak-at-quarterback team in the 49ers have taken a shot with him. Out of all of the quarterbacks on the 49ers, Hoyer is by far the more experienced and better option. He could likely be a one-year flier for the Niners in 2017.

Quarterback #28:

Nathan Walker: Blake Bortles (Jaguars): With three straight years that were less than decent, Bortles has much to do this year. Interceptions have been a constant issue for this QB. Also in the past, he has problems with takin’ shots at his team when asked why he was struggling.

Justin David Kish: Blake Borltes (Jaguars): After a coming out sophomore season as Jaguars starting quarterback Blake Bortles took a huge step back in 2016. The Jacksonville Jaguars took to the 2017 NFL Draft as the chance to help Blake Bortles as they will have Leonard Fournette in their backfield as well as upping the offensive line in drafting Cam Robinson in the second round.

Quarterback #27:

Nathan Walker: Trevor Siemien (Broncos): Siemian built up on struggling teams early but then struggled in the 2nd half of the season vs playoff teams. He’s a solid QB but has much to learn. He had decent numbers with 18 TDs and 3,401 yards. However, with a backup QB that is just as good if not better than him, he better play on a whole nother level.

Justin David Kish: Cody Kessler (Browns): Entering 2016, Cody Kessler was not predicted to make any sort of impact but he played much better than any of the Browns quarterback’s last year. In 8 games, Kessler completed 65.5% of his passes for 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Cody Kessler is currently in a camp battle with rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame who has been progressing well at the NFL level.