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Welcome to the “Sports Possibilities” section on our website. This section features write-ups of possibilities for destinations of that particular player. This section will include all sports, featuring, professional football, baseball and basketball. 

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 Cleveland Browns: Browns planning on trading away WR Josh Gordon

Out of left field, the Cleveland Browns announced that they will be releasing Josh Gordon shortly after it was announced that he will be inactive for the game on Sunday. Shortly after the release was announced, it was later flipped that the team will now trade him instead. After sitting through a number of suspension’s and now a fear of a relapse the Browns gave up on him.

Josh Gordon is still young and is a sure NFL talent but his off the field issues has put his promising NFL career on hold. Gordon should generate a market but what kinda market will he have exactly is the question. Below are some teams that could possibly be open to trading for Gordon following Week 2.


 New England Patriots: The Patriots are paper-thin at wide receiver with Edelman out on suspension, the team releasing receivers and the rest out with injury. Josh Gordon could benefit and revive his career with Tom Brady.


 Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys lost a handful of talent this offseason at receiver mainly in the names of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. The Cowboys are left with a bunch of #2 and #3’s on a championship and if Gordon turn’s it around and Dak holds his own he could have a Dez 2.0 in Dallas.


 Buffalo Bills: The Buffalo Bills are in a stand-still phase where they have talent but their offense has been lackluster. Josh Allen is taking over at quarterback for the time being and he could use another weapon next to Kelvin Benjamin.


 Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks, like the Patriots, are paper-thin at wide receiver with Doug Baldwin out being injured and the supporting cast behind Baldwin is nothing much to brag about. The addition of Gordon could re-elevate the Seahawks passing game once Baldwin gets back to 100%.


 San Francisco Giants: Giants OF Andrew McCutchen clears waivers

The San Francisco Giants are likely making moves. And it sounds like its starting with Andrew McCutchen. This is not a shocking development as McCutchen has not been consistent in his new threads this season. Should the Giants trade Andrew McCutchen they should get a decent return but a return that is not going to be blown out of the water. Below are some possible destinations for the outfielder.


 Los Angeles Angels: The Angels are a destination due to the fact they just lost Justin Upton due to injury and Mike Trout is away. The addition of McCutchen gives them a better option over Eric Young Jr. in center field Jefery Marte in left field.


 Cleveland Indians: The Indians have a comfortable 14 game lead in the division but the team is not that strong in center field. The Indians could look at McCutchen to fill the void in center field and provide stability in the lineup and during the playoffs in October.


 St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals are bugging with injuries and today they placed Dexter Fowler on the 60-Day DL, ending his season. The Cardinals are currently low on depth and are turning to inexperienced minor league talent so adding McCutchen to the Cardinals outfield to get a veteran presence could benefit the team once Ozuna returns from injury.


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