2019 AAF Season Coverage



  • San Diego Fleet 31 – San Antonio Commanders 11
  • Atlanta Legends 12 – Birmingham Iron 28
  • Orlando Apollos 21 – Memphis Express 17
  • Salt Lake Stallions 23 – Arizona Hotshots 15


San Diego Fleet: Phillip Nelson picks it up in week three vs. San Antonio 

It was the rematch from week one’s loss to San Antonio and now it was the Fleet lead buy Nelson to secure the blowout victory. In the victory over San Antonio, Nelson completed 17/25 passes for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception where last week he did not throw for a touchdown but got picked off once. This is the second consecutive week that San Diego used one quarterback in their games which points to Nelson being the starter going forward down the line of the season.


Birmingham Iron: Trent Richardson runs for three touchdowns vs. Atlanta

Iron’s Trent Richardson is finding more and more success in this league each week and this week he continued with three rushing touchdowns. Though he only ran for 46 yards, that is the only thing to take away from his performance. Richardson has yet to really explode in this league to really prove to NFL teams that this is the Trent Richardson from his Bama days. Richardson will continue to stick around in the league.


Memphis Express: Zach Mettenberger excels in loss; Hackenberg continues to struggle throws 2 picks

In the loss to Orlando, quarterback Zach Mettenberger had a productive where he completed 9/12 passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns where Christian Hackenberg completed 8/14 passes for 88 yards and 2 interceptions. Mettenberger is the clearcut starter for the Memphis Express who have improved more with him under center in the last two weeks compared to Hackenberg. It would not shock us if Hackenberg is facing an uphill battle to keep a roster spot after another struggling outing. Mettenberger is reported to be taking first-team snaps this week in preparation for next week’s game vs. San Diego. Brandon Silvers and Kevin Burke are the other two options at quarterback outside Hackenberg and Mettenberger.




  • San Diego Fleet 24 – Atlanta Legends 12
  • San Antonio Commanders 29 – Orlando Apollos 37
  • Memphis Express 18 – Arizona Hotshots 20
  • Birmingham Iron 12 – Salt Lake Stallions 9


 Arizona Hotshots: AAF wanted Colin Kaepernick but his contract demand reached $20M for 2019

Still sitting as a free agent, Colin Kaepernick is worth the money but joining a league where it is mainly built for developmental it just does not come together. For Kaepernick, I would continue to hold off on an NFL contract after his grievance with the NFL is officially over.





  • Arizona Hotshots 38 – Salt Lake Stallions: 22
  • Birmingham Iron 26 – Memphis Express: 0
  • Orlando Apollos 40 – Atlanta Legends: 6
  • San Antonio Commanders 15 – San Diego Fleet: 6

 Salt Lake Stallions: Matt Asiata splits-carries but hits the history books with Salt Lake

Former Minnesota Vikings running back Matt Asiata was a late signee to the Salt Lake Stallions before the season began but he did not have the most memorable debut. In Sunday’s loss to Arizona, Asiata split-carries with former Buffalo/San Diego Chargers running back Brenden Oliver and Joel Bouagnon but he did make history by scoring the first-ever touchdown in Stallions history (watch here). Brenden Oliver was the more explosive one on the field on Sunday but Asiata could work his way to more carries next week vs. Birmingham.


 Memphis Express: Christian Hackenberg struggles in AAF debut vs. Birmingham

Former New York Jets second-round selection Christian Hackenberg completed 10-23 passes for 0 touchdowns and 1 interception vs. Birmingham Iron. Christian Hackenberg continued his struggles in the new league. Late in the game, Brandon Silvers replaced him and the team still was shutout. Christian Hackenberg beat out former Tennessee Titan/San Diego Chargers quarterback Zach Mettenberger for the starting role. It would not shock us if Memphis starts Silvers or Mettenberger against a tough Arizona Hotshots team on Saturday.


 Arizona Hotshots: John Wolford shines in his AAF debut vs. Salt Lake

The former Wake Forest product excelled in his AAF debut which saw him complete 18-29 passes for 275 yards and four touchdowns. Wolford got a lot of help from former Arizona State standout Rashad Ross who burned the secondary of Salt Lake multiple times on Sunday night. Rashad Ross accumulated 103 of Wolford’s 275 yards through the air. John Wolford beat out former Texas A&M and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Trevor Knight for the starting role. Wolford is off to a hot start in this league as he tries to re-invent himself for another NFL chance. Arizona meets Memphis on Saturday.


 Salt Lake Stallions: Josh Woodrum replaces Matt Linehan in losing effort vs. Arizona

Quarterback Matt Linehan started Sunday’s game vs. Arizona but went down to injury and was eventually replaced by former Liberty quarterback Josh Woodrum. Josh Woodrum completed 10 of 22 passes for 103 passing yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. It is unclear how serious Linehan’s injury is but we should know sometime this week what his status will be like before Saturday’s game at Birmingham.


 Birmingham Iron: Trent Richardson scores twice in his AAF debut

Former Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson had a solid outing for the Iron as he carried the ball 23 yards for 53 yards and two touchdowns plus a two-point conversion. The AAF does have struggling issues upon offensive lines as teams are playing with a lot of unknown’s but that did not stop Richardson from finding the endzone. Richardson, 28, has struggled in his NFL career but with age becoming a factor teams could step away from potential interest. Richardson could possibly be a mainstay in this league.


 San Diego Fleet: Quarterback Mike Bercovici struggles in his AAF debut

The former San Diego Charger quarterback Mike Bercovici made it into the highlight reel where he was completely demolished by Commanders linebacker Shaan Washington (see here). Bercovici’s overall performance was floppy as he was one of the better consistent quarterbacks this week but the two interceptions were thrown really affected the outcome of this game. Bercovici was later replaced by former Minnesota quarterback Phillip Nelson. The Fleet should give Bercovici another shot at quarterback this week.