Five Options On How Dolphins Could Replace Ryan Tannehill

Yesterday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news that Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has sustained an injury at Dolphins camp. No news was released on how serious the injury was at the time of the reporting but what is clear is that he could have re-aggravated his rehabilitated knee and that his ACL and MCL could be completely torn.

The Miami Dolphins are in a situation that they could be without Ryan Tannehill for the 2017 NFL Season. So what are some possible options they have to replace the 29-year old quarterback? Below you can see five possibilities on how the Dolphins can replace Ryan Tannehill if he does in deed need season-ending knee surgery.

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5.) Jay Cutler: Free agent quarterback/retired

Number five on the list is Jay Cutler. The former Denver Bronco and Chicago Bears QB started off with a promising career. Over the years, however, Cutler’s abilities declined and he was asked to be traded. He was traded to the Bears where he declined further. After multiple seasons of producing nothing with the Bears, the team finally cut Cutler from their roster. All that said, Cutler did set multiple records with less than average teams and may be a perfect fit in Miami. Only time will tell what will happen but I think Cutler stands a good chance at filling the role.


4.) Johnny Manziel: Free agent quarterback

The first freshmen to ever win the Heisman Trophy, Manning Award, and the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award. Johnny Football would’ve been a great starting QB, but due to poor conduct on and off the field, he was cut from the NFL. After being released from the NFL, Manziel entered rehab and has since gotten out and has even been seen training and working out with multiple NFL players. Since Manziel has cleaned himself up, but because he lacks NFL experience I’m putting him at number four on the list.


3.) Colin Kaepernick: Free agent quarterback

 The former 49er’s starting QB could be a great fit for the job of Dolphins starting QB. Having already the experience of leading an NFL team as a starting QB, Kaepernick could take over the spot immediately. That said, fears still exist of him due to his unpredictability and don’t forget his struggles during his last year as a starter. If Kaepernick and the Coaching Staff of the Dolphins can get along he would likely be a good fit as the starting QB for Miami. If he stays focused on football and not political matters or other distractions he would be a good choice for the Dolphins. His health is a small concern as well and that’s why he’s number 3 on the list.


2.) Robert Griffin III: Free agent quarterback

Also, a Heisman trophy winner and former NFL starting QB is Robert Griffin III. RG 3 as he’s called, has been named the starting QB for two different NFL teams already and was a star in NCAA football and track. The only down side to RG 3 is his health. When he plays, he plays at a high level of football similar to Mike Vick or Randall Cunningham in play style. Griffin could be a steal for the Dolphins and could turn their franchise in a positive direction. However, he could also just be more of the same they have now. If Griffin can stay healthy, he would be perfect to fill the role of starting QB for the Dolphins. But with his history of injuries, he’s put at number 2 on the list.


1.) Matt Moore: Miami Dolphins backup quarterback

Matt Moore is the 2nd string QB for the Dolphins already. Last year he took over as starting QB when Tannehill went down with a knee injury. Moore improved Miami’s record to 9-5 and clinched their first winning season since 2008. It was the first time Moore had started since 2011 and he took full advantage of it. His first start won him AFC Offensive Player of the Week that week.

Moore was chosen as the starting quarterback against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wildcard round of the 2017 NFL playoffs due to Tannehill not being fully healed yet. This would be Moore’s first playoff game. The Dolphins would go on to lose that game but not due to anything Moore had done. The benefits of choosing Moore as the replacement for Tannehill would be, that Moore already knows the Dolphin’s program and plays and he would need no transition period when taking over. He has lead the team before and has waited for his chance to be the starting QB.

The Dolphins wouldn’t have to pay anything or introduce anyone new to the team to add him. It’s only fair to give Moore the starting job. So for all those reasons, I believe Moore would be the best possible replacement for an injured Ryan Tannehill. And that is why I have Matt Moore at number one on the list.