Is CM Punk Coming Back To World Wrestling Entertainment?

Recently in the WWE Universe, there has been some talk of a possible return of fan favorite CM Punk. You probably remember his famous “Pipe bomb” shoot promo that resulted in him being fired from the WWE. Recently Samoa Joe was asked in an interview if he felt Punk would return. He replied, ” You never know with Punk.” Joe continued, “He (CM Punk) is definitely someone who does things his own way and I think the biggest thing is that you can never count out what his next move will be.” Joe said, ” I think no one would have predicted his move to UFC, nobody would have predicted a lot of the things he does. So whatever he chooses to do, he will do what feels best in the moment.”

The return of Punk to the WWE would be huge for them. Fans have been outraged by the firing since it first happened in 2014. This is not the first time though sadly that Vince McMahon and his WWE has gotten rid of a fan favorite. Fans respected and agreed with the shoot promos of Punk. Punk and many fans felt that he deserved to be the WWE Champion instead of John Cena. So Punk spoke out on that often and as result, he was fired.

Shoot promos, or “Pipe bombs”, are nothing new in the wrestling world. A shoot promo as they are called in the wrestling industry is done when a wrestler/superstar goes off the plan and begins to freely rant. Some of the most famous shoot promos have been done by fan favorites like Brett Heart, Rob Van Dam, Paul Haymen, Joey Styles, JBL, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Terry Funk, Gorilla Monsoon, and so much more. Mr. McMahon himself even has had a few shoot promos he probably isn’t proud of.

All that said you probably ask, why did Punk get fired for it then? Well in fairness, he didn’t. CM Punk got fired for walking away from the WWE while still under contract and for multiple shoot promos that resulted in his mic being cut each time. Punk walked away because he felt he was being mistreated. He felt that Vince McMahon and the WWE play favorites with Superstars that are willing to, “stroke the ego”, of Mr. McMahon. Many fans have felt that way for many years now as well though.

Before Punk can ever return to the WWE, he must first find a way out of his contract with the UFC. Punk is still under contract with th UFC despite not having fought now in over a year. His last fight was his loss to Mickey Gall at UFC 203. Punk suffered the loss in 2:14 in the first round due to submission and was paid $500,000.00 for the fight. After which UFC President Dana White would go on record to say that Punk’s next fight, “probably”, won’t be in the UFC. However, Punk’s Coach Duke Roufus has hinted at another MMA bout for CM Punk but didn’t say it would be in the UFC.

What we do know is that the return of CM Punk to the WWE would be exciting and a great treat to the fans! But will Mr. McMahon be able to look past Punk’s past acts and comments to allow him back? And would Punk even want to come back to the WWE? If your a CM Punk fan or a “Paul Heyman Guy”, then you probably would love for Punk to return to the WWE. All we can do is watch and see how it plays out between CM Punk and the WWE for now. But like Samoa Joe said, “you never know with Punk”.