2018 NFL Draft

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This year, 365 Sports Network will be changing their NFL Draft tracker. This year, you can see every single team’s draft selection broken up by team and at the conclusion of the draft, we will also add in the team’s unsigned free agents. All draft pick reaction write-ups will also be featured with the player selected. 

AFC North:

 Baltimore Ravens:

  • 1st Round (25th overall): Hayden Hurst, Tight End, South Carolina
  • 1st Round (32nd overall): Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Louisville
  • 3rd Round (83rd overall): Orlando Brown Jr., Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma
  • 3rd Round (86th overall): Mark Andrews, Tight End, Oklahoma
  • 4th Round (118th overall): Anthony Averett, Cornerback, Alabama
  • 4th Round (122nd overall): Kenny Young, Linebacker, UCLA
  • 4th Round (132nd overall): Jaleel Scott, Wide Receiver, New Mexico State
  • 5th Round (162nd overall): Jordan Lasley, Wide Receiver, UCLA
  • 6th Round (190th overall): DeShone Elliot, Safety, Texas
  • 6th Round (212th overall): Greg Senat, Offensive Lineman, Wagner
  • 6th Round (215th overall): Bradley Bozeman, Center, Alabama
  • 7th Round (238th overall): Zach Sieler, Defensive End, Ferris State

Ravens Undrafted Free Agents:

 Cleveland Browns:

  • 1st Round (1st overall): Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma
  • 1st Round (4th overall): Denzel Ward, Cornerback, Ohio State
  • 2nd Round (33rd overall): Austin Corbett, Offensive Tackle, Nevada
  • 2nd Round (35th overall): Bradley Chubb, Running Back, Georgia
  • 3rd Round (67th overall): Chad Thomas, Defensive End, Miami
  • 4th Round (105th overall): Antonio Callaway, Wide Receiver, Florida
  • 5th Round (150th overall): Genard Avery, Linebacker, Memphis
  • 6th Round (175th overall): Daion Ratley, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M
  • 6th Round (188th overall): Simeon Thomas, Cornerback, Louisiana

Browns Undrafted Free Agents:

 Cincinnati Bengals:

 Pittsburgh Steelers:

AFC South:

 Houston Texans:

 Indianapolis Colts:

 Jacksonville Jaguars:

 Tennessee Titans:

AFC West:

 Denver Broncos:

 Kansas City Chiefs: 

 Los Angeles Chargers:

 Oakland Raiders:

AFC East:

 Buffalo Bills:

 New York Jets:

 New England Patriots:

 Miami Dolphins:

NFC North:

 Chicago Bears:

 Detroit Lions:

 Green Bay Packers:

 Minnesota Vikings:

NFC South:

 Atlanta Falcons:

 Carolina Panthers:

 New Orleans Saints:

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

NFC West:

 Arizona Cardinals:

 Los Angeles Rams: 

 San Francisco 49ers:

 Seattle Seahawks:

NFC East:

 Dallas Cowboys:

 New York Giants:

 Philadelphia Eagles:

 Washington Redskins:

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