Welcome everyone to 365SportsNetwork.com.

Formerly known as Nexus Sports Network, 365 Sports Network is a credentialed media site that covers all of the nations sports leagues and promotions.

365 Sports Network is run independently and by writer Justin David Kish. Justin Kish has been a writer for a number of websites over the years ranging from Fansided’s Cage Pages (MMA), Heat Waved (Arizona sports) and YouTube’s successful sports show “The Real Sports Talk” alongside good friend Tim Kelly. But now he has decided to take the task of running his very own website.

365 Sports is filled with many features that will make you want to keep coming back. The site will feature thoughts and opinions as well as grading and event reviews and to cap it all off you can listen to a number of our interviews and upcoming podcasts from Justin Kish and his number of guests.

For more information and all inquirer’s please feel free to contact Justin Kish day-and-night at JustinKish@365SportsNetwork.com. Please allow at least 24-hours for a response.