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Impact! Wrestling Superstar Killer Kross Asks For Release From Promotion


According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, Impact! Wrestling superstar Killer Kross has asked for his release from the promotion.

It is being reported that Kross is requesting his release due to financial compensation of his current contract with Impact. Last year, Kross signed a multi-year contract with Impact that paid him per appearance with the promotion. Recently, Kross and the promotion began negotiating a more nailed down contract that will pay him six-figures a year. Also, Kross has had issues in regards to Impacts creative team.

Despite the financial and creative issues with Impact, Kross and Impact have remained very professional during this dispute. Impact Wrestling has no plans of releasing Kross at this time.

Killer Kross recently made a T.V. spot on Impact where he cost Eddie Edwards his match against Fenix. This interference is setting up a rivalry between the two as Kross stole “Kenny” from Eddie Edwards. The pair are prepared for a match this coming Friday on Impact.

We will continue to provide updates on Kross’s contract situation once more is released.


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