New York Giants Sign Wide Receiver Corey Coleman To Practice Squad

Corey Coleman is once again on the move and this time it is with the New York Giants.

Corey Coleman, 24, has had a pretty bad 2018. Coleman will be joining his fourth NFL team in three months, two in the last month or so. Coleman was dealt to the Buffalo Bills after a highly publicized issue between him and Hue Jackson on Hard Knocks which lead to him demanding to be out of Cleveland.

The Buffalo Bills acquired Coleman last month for chunk-change (2020 7th round selection) all but to get released on the 1st of September. Coleman will later join the Patriots who signed him, dropped in favor for Josh Gordon, re-sign him to their practice squad to just release him 9 days later.

This week, Coleman worked out for a number of teams and it sounded with his past experiences on being a practice squad, this was the avenue he was headed for team #4. Should Coleman fit the mold of being a New York Giant his stay in New York could be long-term and could be on standby if an injury arose on the Giants 53-man roster. Coleman is due a guaranteed $1.5 million while on the Giants practice squad.


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