Arizona Hotshots Player Spotlight: Devin Chappell, Defensive Back

Continuing our AAF Player Spotlight Interview series, today Justin Kish conducted an interview with former Oregon State Beavers defensive back, Devin Chappell. Follow Devin Chappell on Twitter.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time, Devin. How are things going for you today?

Devin Chappell: Thank you for having me! I am great.

Justin David Kish: You just signed a deal with AAF’s Arizona Hotshots, how excited are you to become a Hotshot?

Devin Chappell: Since signing, I have been very excited. I have been waiting for another opportunity to showcase my abilities and I feel blessed to have an opportunity to play in Arizona.

Justin David Kish: You are a former Oregon State product. What traits do you bring to the Hotshots that you learned during you’re college days? 

Devin Chappell: My college career were full of ups and downs, so I feel like I learned a lot. First and foremost your gonna get a physical and well-disciplined safety that can cover a lot of ground out of me. I will also bring a physical presence to the back end of the defense. I am a very intelligent player with a back for being around the ball.

Justin David Kish: You played both safety and nickel back at Oregon State. Where do you feel more at home corner or at safety?

Devin Chappell: I definitely feel like my natural position is safety. But having a corner background brings a lot of versatility to my game as a safety. I feel very comfortable all over the field, but safety is the position I will most likely be playing.

Justin David Kish: You are one of many Oregon State stars joining the Hotshots. You will be joining former teammates Tim Cook, Brandon Arnold, and Connor Hamlett just to name a few on the Hotshots. What is your relationship with these guys and do you plan on doing joint-workouts with these guy’s before you report?

Devin Chappell: As an Oregon State alum those former teammates will always be my brothers. I am looking forward to seeing those guys, but we all know that this is a business opportunity. Each and every one of us is training hard to contribute to Arizona having a successful first year.

Justin David Kish: The Hotshots are coached by Rick Neuheisel. How excited are you to play under Coach Neuheisel?

Devin Chappell: I am extremely excited to play under coach Neuheisel. I first want to thank the Arizona Hotshots and Coach Neuheisel for giving me an opportunity to continue my football career as a Hotshot. I have not yet met Coach, but I definitely know who he is. He has been around the game at a high level since before I was born, so I am excited to learn from him.

Justin David Kish: What do you bring to the Arizona Hotshots?

Devin Chappell: Like I mentioned before, I am gonna bring a very intelligent and physical player to the Arizona Hotshots. I am extremely confident that I will have a lot of success in Arizona, and from here I would like to let my play speak for itself. But I am very confident and excited to get on the field again.

Justin David Kish: Give us one bold prediction to expect from you in 2019 with the Hotshots?

Devin Chappell: I think the Arizona Hotshots are going to have a great fanbase in Phoenix. I have family there and know what type of community it is. I am very familiar with the high quality of people that live in Phoenix and I know they will be supporting the Hotshots 100%.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time, Devin. Is there anything you want to add?

Devin Chappell: Thank you for the time.

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