Salt Lake Stallions Player Spotlight: Dia’Vante Brown, Defensive Lineman

The Salt Lake Stallions, the newest football team coming to Utah in the spring of 2019. Today, Salt Lake Stallion’s newest draftee Dia’Vante Brown joins me for an interview discussing his process of joining the Stallions, playing under Coach Dennis Erickson and much more.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for you’re time Dia’Vante, how are things going for you today?

Dia’Vante Brown: Hey Justin, thank you so much for having me I’m doing great thanks for asking.

Justin David Kish: You are the newest member of the Salt Lake Stallions. Tell us about how you joined the Stallions?

Dia’Vante Brown: Yes, I actually got drafted to the Stallions. After I attended AAF combine from I heard from my agent I had a pretty good showing. And the Hotshots & Express got my info. But Salt Lake came out of nowhere during the draft and picked me up. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

Justin David Kish: During you’re college career you played for the Liberty Flames. What did you learn from the Flames coaching staff and how have they impacted your career now that you are making the transition to professional football?

Dia’Vante Brown: Coach Singletary player a HUGE part in my progress. I walked on at Liberty. During the tryout, he singled me out and told the other coaches if he could coach me I’ll be something special. Since that day he had worked to develop me to mentally access the field like an NFL player and be willing to impact the field from any position needed.

Justin David Kish: What skill-traits are you bringing to the Salt Lake Stallions in 2019?

Dia’Vante Brown: I like to think I have a high football IQ I used to call the plays for our defense last year from the d-end spot so it helps me have a good idea of what’s coming my way. As well as my pass rush has really polished even more since training.

Justin David Kish: The Salt Lake Stallions are coached by former Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson. What do you know about Coach Erickson?

Dia’Vante Brown: I honestly don’t know much. My college strength coach was at UW when he was at AZ State and I heard some awesome stories about how passionate he is about the game and I love that much for sure.

Justin David Kish: You are joining a defensive line core that features Darius Hamilton, Chris Odom and Eddy Wilson. Have you spoken to your fellow Stallions teammates and if so who and what about?

Dia’Vante Brown: I honestly haven’t spoke to any of these I’ve heard a lot about them and I look forward to meet them and for ya to push each other to be better. 

Justin David Kish: Mentioning all these guys in our last question how do you standout from the rest on the defensive line?

Dia’Vante Brown: I would love to think my size and quickness because I’m shorter and more stout but I’m also strong and rather fast so I can bring some diversity as well because I can bring some uncommon pass rushes at times. 

Justin David Kish: How are you keeping yourself prepared for the upcoming season which is just month’s away? Who are you training with?

Dia’Vante Brown: I’m currently training at Chip Smith Sports Performance down in Atlanta, Georgia. Coach Chip is a great man for developing my speed and strength. As well as very good position-specific drills.

Justin David Kish: What are some important dates for the Stallions coming up?

Dia’Vante Brown: Camp starts January 1 first game is February 9th. 

Justin David Kish: What are we to expect from Dia’Vante Brown in 2019 and beyond?

Dia’Vante Brown: God Willing to be a house hold name and pressuring QBs for a very long time. 

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Dia’Vante, is there anything you would like to add?

Dia’Vante Brown: To God be the Glory. Thank you so much for having me. Stay blessed.

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