Arizona Hotshot Player Spotlight: Prince Shonola, Wide Receiver

The Arizona Hotshots, Arizona’s brand new football team coming to the desert in 2019. Today I had the honor of getting together with one of the team’s signees who impressed the team at an open tryout in Flordia, Prince Shonola. Prince Shonola played college football at Rocky Mountain College before landing with the Rick Neuheisel led Hotshots. Below is our interview as we talk about Prince’s time at Rocky Mountain and now his transition to professional football.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Prince, how are things going for you today?

Prince Shonola: Thank you for having me! Today was awesome, I was able to squeeze in a pool workout and see my chiropractor for a little while. Before meeting with my girlfriend and her family for dinner. 

Justin David Kish: You just recently signed with the Arizona Hotshots. Tell us about how you got recognized by the team? 

Prince Shonola: I am grateful to say that I am a “Hotshot”. Being a part of this Organization is a dream come true, but also a stepping stone for those who walked the same shoes as me. I found out about the AAF a few months before they announced the launching of this League. Filled out the registration form through their website. Unfortunately, I did not have enough money to fly out to California and pay for the registration fee for the combine. At that moment, I became a little discouraged and decided to pray on it. Asked God to continue to guide me in the right directed. Shortly after my prayer, I was contacted by General Manager (Phil Savage) soon before the last combine registration closed. And was offered an opportunity of a lifetime; to play in the AAF!

Justin David Kish: After the open tryout out with the team who reached out to you about possibly signing with the team?

Prince Shonola: I did not get a chance to try out for the AAF.

Justin David Kish: You played college football at Rocky Mountain College. What did you learn at Rocky Mountain that you will bring over and contribute with the Arizona Hotshots?

Prince Shonola: I learned a lot while playing for Coach Jason Petrino in Billings Montana. Most importantly, Coach Petrino helped mold me into a man. I valued the cultural difference in Billings and the welcoming community I was surrounding by. I hope to bring a high level of charisma, energy, and passion to not only my team but the community as well.

Justin David Kish: The AAF has already signed over 500 players to rosters already. Have you spoken to any of your new teammates? And if so who have you spoke to?

Prince Shonola: Yes I have spoken to a few guys on my team, to say the least. I have contacted Alek Torgerson, Jhurell Pressley, Larry Rose the 3rd, Jordan Villamin, Robert Taylor to say the least. All these men are stand up guys and ready to bring a championship to Arizona! I can not wait to officially meet the fellas and change the game completely.

Justin David Kish: The Arizona HotShots are coached by former UCLA Bruins head coach Rick Neuheisel. What do you know about Coach Neuheisel and how do you fit into his offense?

Prince Shonola: I do not know much about Coach Rick Neuheisel but I have done some research to better understand his coaching philosophy and where I would fit into his system. I do know that he was undrafted and personally knows what it feels like for guys in shoes such as mine. Also, he was a QB coach and Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens I believe. Plus having success with Broadcasting for CBS Network. I fit in his offensive system because of my dynamic speed and willingness to get open. Whether it be short, intermediate or deep routes. This offense is built for speed and huge playmaking ability.

Justin David Kish: What are some important dates for the players coming up?

Prince Shonola: There will be a training camp starting up in January in San Antonio for all teams across the AAF.

Justin David Kish: What are we to expect from Prince Shonola in 2019 with the Arizona Hotshots?

Prince Shonola: In 2019, with the Arizona Hotshots, everyone should expect my 100% focus to my team and personal aspirations. A great attitude toward life and desire to WIN!! As well as, providing a high volume of big plays to help my team in any way possible. Also, maintaining Positive interactions with fans and the community.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time, Prince. Is there anything you would like to add?

Prince Shonola: I would like to thank God, for allowing me to get to this point in life. Being able to use this platform to give back and help others. I also would like to thank all of my close family members, real friends and Understanding Coaches for helping me get to where I am today. I love you all, and stay tuned in for my future success with the Arizona Hotshots!! Lastly, I thank the AAF, specifically the Arizona HotShots for believing in me. For offering me the opportunity of a lifetime to change my own life, and continuing to live out a dream.

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