Arizona Cardinals

NFC Notes: Cardinals/49ers (Sam Bradford, Jimmy Garoppolo

 Arizona Cardinals (NFL): Cardinals not committed to Sam Bradford next week – Darren Urban

It has been a disaster from the start for the Cardinals under Sam Bradford. It has been a struggling season for Sam Bradford and today’s performance did not get any better for him. In today’s game vs. Chicago, Sam Bradford committed three turnovers (2 interceptions and 1 fumble) and was benched in favor for rookie Josh Rosen who also struggled. In today’s post-game presser, Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks are not committing to Sam Bradford for next which leaves the door open for Rosen to start vs. Seattle. If anything the Cardinals should do the right thing here and start Rosen.


 San Francisco 49ers (NFL): 49ers are fear ACL Tear for Jimmy Garoppolo – Kyle Shanahan 

This would be a huge loss for the 49ers. In the fourth quarter of today’s game vs. Kansas City, Jimmy Garoppolo was running with the ball where he planted his left leg wrong resulting in his knee giving way, Garoppolo later took a shot on the sidelines. The 49ers finished the game with second-year quarterback C.J. Beathard at quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is set to undergo an MRI tomorrow which determine his 2018 season. If an ACL is determined the 49ers will move forward with Beathard as their starter and the team will work out free agents this week. Check back for more updates on this progressing story.


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