GLORY 51 Rotterdam/Super Fight Series: Weigh In Results


Heavyweight Headline Bout:
Badr Hari (224.4 lb / 101.8 kg) vs. Hesdy Gerges (245.6 lb / 111.4 kg)

Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: 
Tomas Mozny (251.3 lb / 114 kg) vs. Daniel Skvor (240.8 lb / 109.2 kg)

Welterweight Contender Tournament Semifinal Bout:
Eyevan Danenberg (168.7 lb / 76.5 kg) vs. Jimmy Vienot (167.3 lb / 75.9 kg)

Welterweight Contender Tournament Semifinal Bout:
Thongchai Sitsongpeenong (169.1 lb / 76.7 kg) vs. Alan Scheinson (169.3 lb / 76.8 kg)


Welterweight Contender Headline Bout:
Cédric Doumbé (169.1 lb / 76.7 kg) vs. Alim Nabiyev (169.1 lb / 76.7 kg)

Welterweight Bout:
Mohammed Jaraya (168.4 lb / 76.4 kg) vs. Miles Simson (167.8 lb / 76.1 kg)

Lightweight Bout:
Tyjani Beztati (151.9 lb / 68.9 kg) vs. Anil Cabri (153.4 lb / 69.6 kg)

Featherweight Bout:
Massaro Glunder (143.3 lb / 65 kg) vs. Victor Pinto (143.1 lb / 64.9 kg)

Middleweight Bout:
Kevin van Heeckeren (185.6 lb / 84.2 kg) vs. Bas van der Kroon (186.1 lb / 84.4 kg)

Author: Justin Kish

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