2018 NFL Draft Interview: Quay Mann, Duke University

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Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Quay, please tell us about yourself? 

Quay Mann: I was born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. I lettered at Duke for 4 years. Originally started off at DB before making the transition back to offense. 

Justin David Kish: You played college football at Duke University. Tell us about your time at Duke? 

Quay Mann: I enjoyed my time at Duke University. I was surrounded by a lot of great people on and off the field. It was a huge cultural shock when I first arrived on campus, but I had a great support staff that helped me be able to adjust.

Justin David Kish: During your time at Duke you were coached by head coach David Cutcliffe. How has Coach Cutcliffe and the rest of the Duke coaching staff improved you as a player? 

Quay Mann: Coach Cut is an amazing coach and a even better person. All of my coaches definitely played a role in my development as a player. Especially Coach Jone and Boyette. Coach Boyette and I are from the same area, so it was easy for me to build a relationship with him.

Justin David Kish: Playing in the ACC you played against tough teams like Miami, Florida State, and Clemson. What is one game in your career that really pushed you to your limits and how did you fair? 

Quay Mann: I will have to say, Pitt. That was a game where we really had to be great in pass blocking, because of their scheme and the mentality that they bring with pass rushing. I performed really well that game in pass blocking. 

Justin David Kish: Being a running back you ran into some of the most elite college football players in the country. Who was the toughest player you faced off against during your career?

Quay Mann: I think the most talent I’ve seen on a field was during my redshirt season when we played Florida State in the ACC championship. That was a stacked team with Winston and the rest of those guys. 

Quay Mann

Justin David Kish: What does it mean to be a Duke Blue Devil?

Quay Mann: It means that you are someone that will be held at high standards! In order to be a blue devil, you have to be someone that is accountable for doing what they are supposed to do at all times on and off the field. 

Justin David Kish: Let’s shift our focus to the upcoming draft. How are you currently preparing yourself for your Pro Day and pro opportunities?

Quay Mann: I am currently in Charlotte, NC training at a facility named velocity. The staff there are good at what they do, so my mindset is just to be open to coaching and our work my competition each day. 

Justin David Kish: How do you stand out from the other draft-eligible running backs? 

Quay Mann: My versatility makes me stand out from the rest of the running backs in this draft class. I am a guy that can stay on the field every down. I also played many snaps of special teams during my college career. Also, I have experience on the defensive side of the ball in college.

Justin David Kish: What is one area of your game do you consider your biggest strength?

Quay Mann:  My feet. I take pride in having quick feet, which allows me to make those sudden cuts and be able to move quick enough in pass protection.

Justin David Kish: Name a point during your college career where you overcame adversity and what did you learn from it?

Quay Mann: I had to make the switch from defense to offense due to injuries that occurred in the backfield. I switched over during the last week of camp and some of the guys at the RB position ended up returning quicker than expected, so I had to use a season to develop at the position. It was hard not playing when I was in position to get reps on defense, but my coaches and I agreed that the RB position was a better fit. 

Justin David Kish: Outside of football, what does a typical day off look like for you?

Quay Mann: After football, I’m usually just chilling playing the game. 

Justin David Kish: In the next couple of questions I am going to put you on the line. My first question, if you could compare yourself to any current NFL running back who would it be and why? 

Quay Mann: I don’t usually compare myself to those guys as far as trying to play like them. A couple guys that I do watch though are Todd Gurley and Elliott. I think they both are dangerous in all aspects of the game as far as running the ball, catching, and pass pro. That’s what I think about myself as well.

Justin David Kish: My final question, if I was an NFL General Manager why should I draft Quay Mann?

Quay Mann: You should draft me because you will be getting a player that can help a team in many ways. It may be in the offensive backfield, defense, or special teams!

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  1. Quay Mann. Awesome young man hard worker and very dedicated. I think he would be a great prospect for any NFL team. Easy to work with and really talented.


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