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Survivor Series Review: Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown!

Match 1: 6-Man Tag Team Match


The Shield (Raw) vs. New Day (SmackDown)


The Shield took on New Day in an epic match. This match was a lot of fun to watch and one worth watching. Neither team disappointed and they got the night started off right. You know it’s going to be an epic P-P-V when it starts with a 6-man tag match involving New Day and the Shield! And as the match went on it got better and better. Ultimately though it would be the Shield who would prevail in the match.

The Shield got the win for them and the lead for their brand Raw. This match was great and well worth watching. They had some epic big air and top rope moves that were awesome to say the least. But would SmackDown be able to respond or would Raw get a sweep on the night? Regardless the Shield did their part and got the lead for their brand.


Score – Raw: 1 SmackDown: 0


Match 2: 5 vs. 5 Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match


Team Raw ( Asuka, Alicia Fox, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax) vs. Team SmackDown (Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya, and Tamina)


This match was great and super impressive! The only problem with this match, the booking placement. This was the match of the night to me and was better than the Men’s Survivor Series match. All the competitors in this match did perfect and couldn’t have done better with much if anything. But for some reason this is the second match of the night? This match easily should’ve been the Co-Main Event if not the Main Event itself but instead it lands here, bad booking 101.

This match got better with every second that passed during it. But Raw clearly had the more dominate superstars in this match. That said, either team could’ve won this one. First Becky Lynch got eliminated by Bayley in an elimination that surprised everyone it seemed. Then Tamina eliminated Bayley and after that Nia Jax was eliminated by count out. Following that Alicia Fox was eliminated by Naomi and then Naomi got eliminated by Sasha Banks. Carmella gets eliminated by Asuka then Banks gets eliminated by Natalya. Now its two on one and in SmackDown’s favor.

But Asuka wasn’t done yet, no one is ready for Asuka! Asuka battles against the odds and ends up getting the win for Team Raw! She eliminates both of the remaining SmackDown team members and shows how dominate she is. It was a great way to display her dominance and it did just that. But since the Raw Women’s team won we basically already know that Team SmackDown will win the men’s but still the match was perfect. I myself though firmly believe that this match deserved the Co-Main Event spot at least, it was epic.


Score – Raw: 2 SmackDown: 0


Match 3:


Baron Corbin vs. The Miz


This match was kind of easy to predict due to the first two matches. Unless Raw really was going to get a clean sweep of the night, Corbin had to win this one. This match was good but nothing real epic. The match went back and forth but ultimately Corbin would get the upper hand.

Miz did great but he becomes the first to lose for Team Raw. Also, he failed to defend the honor of his pregnant wife and unborn child but hey, who’s counting anyways. Good match though and put where it needed to be. Though if it were me, I would’ve had this as match one of the P-P-V. But at the end of it, SmackDown is on the board.


Score – Raw: 2 SmackDown: 1


Match 4:


The Usos vs. The Bar


This match was great to watch. These guys were great against each other. They put on a good show and one of the most entertaining matches of the night. This match had a lot of great tag team moves and near falls. The Usos though were set on sending the Bar to the Uso penitentiary and the did just that. The Usos dominated the final two minutes of the match and had a great finish.

The Usos get the win here and another point for Team SmackDown. And now the score is all tied up at 2 a piece. And with a strong hint that Team SmackDown is going to win the Main Event, it looks like Team Raw just might lose the title of the “A” show. So will Raw win anymore matches or is it over from here?


Score – Raw: 2 SmackDown: 2


Match 5:


Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair


This match was in a way a sleeper match. It was the kind of match that you forget about and then when the music hits you get super pumped over. Also with the only other 2 matches being Lesnar vs. Styles and the Men’s Survivor Series match, this one would be the rubber match. We all basically already know that Styles won’t be Brock but we also know that SmackDown is going to win the Main Event match. So really who ever won this match was going to win the night for their team.

It was a great match and everyone enjoyed it. Some even think it could be match of the night. I think it was good, but not maybe match of the night good. That said both wrestlers gave the match what they had. And even though Alexa is tough, she was no match for Flair’s signature “Figure 8” Leg Lock. Charlotte got the submission win and possibly the win for her team. This match was great and may have been the turning point for Team SmackDown.


Score – Raw: 2 SmackDown: 3


Match 6: Co-Main Event


Brock Lesnar vs. A.J. Styles


This match was basically what we all saw coming. A.J. comes out strong but Brock destroys him over time. Lesnar at one point looks like he might tap out to Styles signature submission. If Brock loses this match, it’s all over for Team Raw and Team SmackDown wins it all. But Brock does Brock and he destroys A.J. Styles in true Lesnar fashion.

Brock wins this one but it was close for the most part. This match was great and put in a decent spot. We all kind of knew Brock was going to win. I mean 1, Brock is Brock and destroys everyone he faces( Braun Strowman excluded). And 2, if Brock would have loss, the main event really wouldn’t have mattered. But for now at least Brock keeps Raw’s hope alive.


Score – Raw: 3 SmackDown: 3


Match 7: Main Event


5 vs. 5 Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match


Team Raw (Triple H, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle) vs. Team SmackDown (Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, and John Cena)


Well we all basically knew the winner of this one because the Raw women’s team had won earlier and they never let the same team win both matches. But that said, we all set back to watch it happen. But this match did pack some surprises in it. Towards the end of the match Kurt Angle was about to take out the last remaining SmackDown guy, Shane O’Mac, but was interrupted by Triple H. The Game nailed Angle with a Pedigree out of no where (and for no reason really) and then H pulled Shane over Kurt for the pin.

Now it’s Braun vs. Shane and Triple H appears to have been the double agent the whole time. Braun looks at his now two opponents and tries to figure out what just happened(much like us fans). But before anything happens, Triple H nails Shane with a Pedigree out of no where and gets the pin fall win for Team Raw! Team Raw has won Survivor Series again and is still the “A” show!

But all that said, this match sucked. They eliminated the new big names way too fast and ended up with 3 vs. 1 odds at one point. Not to mention the confusing end of the match. So Triple H takes out Kurt and Shane and then tries to double cross Braun twice? Then Braun gives Triple H not one but two running power slams and is cheered out of the ring? Why did those things happen and why Pedigree Kurt? Bad match really but still worth watching.


Final Score – Raw: 4 SmackDown: 3


Walker’s Words of Wisdom


This P-P-V was epic and well worth watching. I would watch the whole thing but expect to be disappointed with the main event. I think the best match of the night was match 2, the Women’s Survivor Series match. It was epic and though they hit some snags, this match was perfect for a fan. The match had logic, it was practical, and it was way beyond entertaining.

The worst match of the night was probably the main event, at least in terms of biggest let down. The Miz match wasn’t all that entertaining but it didn’t let down anywhere near as much as the main event. If I had booked this P-P-V, this is how my match line-up would’ve been:

Match 1 – Baron Corbin vs. The Miz (single’s match)
Match 2 – The Bar vs. The Usos (tag team match)
Match 3 – Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss (single’s match)
Match 4 – Brock Lesnar vs. A.J. Styles (single’s match)
Match 5 – The Shield vs. New Day (6-man tag match)
Match 6 – Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown (women’s 5 vs. 5 elimination tag team match)
Match 7 – Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown (men’s 5 vs. 5 elimination tag team match)

Having said that, the Women’s Survivor Series match was definitely the best match of the night and deserved to be the main event. But there was no way to predict how perfect that match would be plus the men’s survivor series match had way more build up to it. Overall I would rate this P-P-V an 8 out of 10. It was epic but the main event sucked and was confusing plus they had the best match of the night as the second match. But all in all, great P-P-V and definitely worth watching the whole thing. But fair warning, the main event is a let down. And at the end of it all, Raw comes away as the winning (or better) brand.


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