WWE Releases More Superstars: Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae!


Recently the WWE has began to clean house. Just recently the WWE fired three of it’s prospects for the normal reasons. The three fired from the wrestling giant are Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae. This had some people freaking out and a few upset. But that said, I see these firings as a smart move for the WWE.

The firing of both Darren Young and Summer Rae are pretty easy to understand for most fans. Neither wrestler has done anything worth talking about anytime recently at least. But some fans were in major shock when they found out that Emma had been fired as well. The outrage came because Emma just had a match at a Pay-Per-View and it was Asuka’s debut match no less. But if you look into to things a little deeper, it becomes clear why Emma was fired.

It was back in 2014 that the WWE first fired Emma due to a shoplifting charge. Emma had been fired for less than approximately 60 minutes then before being hired back by the company. However this time there would be no Roswell U.F.O. crash style of story retracted for Emma. This time her firing would stick for good it seems. But many fans want to know, why fire her now?

I think the two biggest reasons for firing Emma are simple. She refused to put Asuka over in her WWE debut match and Emma’s character is just growing stail really. Emma hasn’t really done anything new while in the WWE and has at this point plateaued and then dropped off that plateau. Emma lacks the charisma needed to be a WWE superstar. In the WWE, charisma is the most important skill or quality a wrestler can have.

The WWE has several examples to show that the would rather have someone past their prime but full of charisma, as opposed to someone with no charisma but in their wrestling prime. By keeping wrestlers like Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, and Mickie James and losing wrestlers like Ryback, Coody Rhodes, and Simon Gotch I think the WWE makes it clear the take charisma over wrestling ability. This could become a future problem for the WWE if they’re not careful.

If the WWE continues to lose such wrestling talents like those and others, their competitors may take advantage. Or a former superstar like C.M. Punk will band together with the other wrestlers released and they’ll make a wrestling promotion of their own. Imagine how that could be, a wrestling promotion ran by C.M. Punk or someone like that! But really though, if an independent promotion were to gain some of that lost talent, they could really have something.

What ever is next for the WWE will be profitable, of that I’m sure. They have a motto dating back to the 60’s that goes, “we’re done with you, when you’re done with us” but I bet there are a few former superstars that may disagree with that. That said, Vince McMahon’s WWE has basically the best monopoly of all time. The reason it’s the best monopoly is because it’s legal. And it’s legal because it’s not really a monopoly, it’s just the the WWE has no real competition in the wrestling world of the United States at least. And it may not change for a while going into the future it seems.

But what’s next for Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae now? Well it’s likely that they will continue to work in the wrestling world on some level at least. I think Darren Young will likely become an announcer or a referee but I’m not sure about Summer Rae or Emma. Either way I’m sure that we haven’t seen the last of Emma yet. What will this mean in the world of wrestling and for the wrestlers involved? Where will the three of them go and who will be the next superstar released? Only time will tell, but we’ll be watching for sure. In all I think it was a good move by the WWE and one that I’m sure will pay off in the end for the WWE.


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