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Rumor: WWE Interested In Signing Rockstar Spud?

PW Insider’s Mike Johnson reported that the WWE is interested in signing former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Rockstar Spud.

Rockstar Spud was released from Impact Wrestling in early October but word of his release did not hit the news circuit until a couple of days ago. Since his release, Rockstar Spud is accepting Indy bookings. On his Twitter account, Spud expressed interest in wrestling at the Indy event “Star Spangled Slam” for Wrestling Theology but missed out.

Now a free agent, Rockstar Spud is now eligible to sign with any promotion he wants to and the rumor on the street is that if the WWE and Spud reach a contract deal they want him for the Cruiserweight Division. The division is at a stall with Neville gone and Enzo Amore and Kalisto dominating the scene. Spud would be a nice and new face to 205 Live.

We will stay on this developing story.

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