AJ McCarron To Browns Not A Done Deal, Paperwork Issues At Fault?

Division rivals Browns and Bengals had a deal in place that would have sent Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for 2018 2nd round and 3rd round selections but things fell through.

Reports indicate that the reason that the deal fell through due to personnel and the coaching department of the Cleveland Browns. With the trade deadline gone, the Browns tried to appeal to the league about the miscue but the NFL decided against it.

The real shocking thing here is just how much the Browns were willing to depart to acquire McCarron. The Browns were thought to have struck gold with DeShone Kizer during the preseason but now he has taken steps back in his production. The Browns will have no choice but to work with Kizer, Hogan and Kessler for the remainder of the season. The Browns could take another shot with McCarron but it will have to be at season’s end.

Photo Source: Keith Allison (Flickr)

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