AFC East

Trade Grade: Philadelphia Eagles Acquire Jay Ajayi From Miami Dolphins

This is a shocking trade! After a disappointing outing so far Jay Ajayi will get a new look and a chance to contribute to the NFL’s best overall team.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Philadelphia Eagles already have themselves a solid core of running backs but injuries have become an issue with their running backs. This season, Jay Ajayi has taken a few steps back from his 2016 season as he was having a hard time being a playmaker playing behind a very rocky Dolphins offensive line. This trade to Philadelphia is a huge upgrade for Ajayi as he will have a more suitable offensive line to run in front of. Jay Ajayi will be the new lead back in Philadelphia with Blount, Smallwood and Clement all following behind him. His first test with Philadelphia will be against a slumping Denver Broncos team.

Miami Dolphins: Like the baseball team in Miami, the Miami Dolphins are also becoming sellers and looking for a re-build. Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase was very critical of the team this past week after getting shutout and blown out 40-0 by the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday. Adam Gase stated that “they got to stop hitting home runs all the time” and that “It’s on the running back. Do your job. It’s not hard to do.” This season, the running game has been none existent as the Dolphins have yet to see a rushing touchdown this season. Going forward, the Dolphins will go with Damien Williams and Kenyan Drake at running back. The Dolphins are not yet done as they are also listening to trades on Jarvis Landry. It is going to be an interesting day for the Dolphins.

Final Grade: Philadelphia Eagles: A | Miami Dolphins: C-

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