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WWE 2017 TLC Review: Kurt Angle Returns To Action!

Kick Off Match:

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

I normally don’t include the pre-show matches because they don’t actually count in my book. But I felt like I had to include this one, and for more than one reason. This was a better than average match, but logic was lacking. This match went on for 10:16 and was the 4th longest of the night! Why would you book a pre-show match for longer than the majority of your actual P-P-V matches? This match went longer than Asuka’s debut match and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match even!

All that said, this was a good match. But it was booked in the wrong spot and as a result, it went on way too long especially for a pre-event match. Ultimately this match was a battle and a great match up. But in the closing minutes Alicia starts to pull ahead. Fox goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Fox throws a fit and in the process gets puts into Sasha’s signature submission, “The Banks Statement”! Moments later Fox is forced to tap out to Banks! Making the winner via submission by way of “The Banks Statement”, Sasha Banks.

Match 1:



Asuka vs. Emma

Another case of bad booking here in my opinion. Asuka, the only wrestler with a longer win streak then Goldberg himself and don’t forget still undefeated. Yet she gets booked against Emma for the first match of the night? Honestly, Asuka should’ve gone against Nia Jax or Alexa Bliss or been put in a T.L.C. or co-main event match at least to show her dominance. But instead, she gets put up against Emma who has been beat by Bayley in less time than this match took. Not the best way to debut the dominate Asuka, and the announce team didn’t help either. They referred to Asuka as “fun and entertaining” and “just another name on the roster” when they should’ve to reference her dominance and rise from softcore pornography to the most dominant wrestler alive to day.

All that said, Asuka tried to make this an Asuka kind of match. The problem being, Emma wants to make a name for herself as well. Emma actually looked like it may be her debut match, not Asuka’s. Emma actually takes control of this match for most of it and never lets Asuka have control of the match. But Asuka isn’t ready for a loss yet and she battles back. Asuka nails a head kick and then locks in her signature submission, “The Asuka Lock”! Emma taps out making the winner via submission by way of “Asuka Lock”, the still undefeated Asuka.


Miz and His Team

We go backstage now to see The Miz rallying his team. But we get a hint that all is not well as Braun tells everyone to stay out of his way. Then Kane says that he’ll do as he wants to. Miz tries to recover his team by promising, “enough carnage for everyone”. Is this some foreshadowing of what is to come?

Elias’ Song:

Elias is in the ring getting ready to preform one of his songs. As he begins, he gets hit by some vegetables that some loser has thrown at him. We then see that loser is none other than Jason Jordan. Jordan leaves and Elias is forced to stop the segment with out even playing a song. Bummer, I get a good laugh out of an Elias song.

Match 2: Tag Team Match

Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick vs. Cedric Alexander & Rick Swann
This match should’ve switched places with the Kick Off match of Banks vs. Fox. This match was more than two minutes shorter than Banks vs. Fox and I thought that it wasn’t as intriguing. This match would’ve been perfect as the Kick Off Match of the night instead where they booked it. This match was full of energy but not too much energy.

This bout was back and fourth the whole match really. It debuted Gallagher’s new theme music and his slightly new different wrestling style. Both teams gave a great performance and put on a pretty good match. Towards the end of the match Alexander and Kendrick are the legal men in the match. Swann and Gallagher take one another out and that leaves just the two legal men going at it. Alexander takes advantage of this and nails Kendrick with a “Lumbar Check” and he goes for the pin. The winners are Cedric Alexander & Rick Swann via pin fall by way of “Lumbar Check”.

Match 3: WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss(Champion) vs. Mickie James

This match Mickie dedicated to her son. So if she loses, it’ll be embarrassing and kind of awkward. That said, these two wasted little time getting to it. The match really picked up after Mickie spanked Alexa who had gone to the ropes to break the action. After that Bliss showed us a side of her we haven’t seen in a while if ever. This match turns into a good back and fourth battle and I think it’s the best match we’ve seen so far for this event.

Late in the match though Mickie starts to really pull ahead. She denies the crowd’s pleas for the use of tables and delivers a serious kick. She gets the 1, 2, no wait, Bliss kicks out! Bliss distracts Mickie and sends her into the corner then a DDT and Bliss gets the pin. The winner via pin fall by way of DDT and still WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. This match was unlike every other Bliss match we can remember because she won this one clean. She didn’t cheat, got no help, and didn’t use the “Champion’s Advantage”. I think Bliss really says something with this clean win.

Backstage 2:

The Shield Add Angle

After a brief interview with Mickie James, we go to the locker room of “The Shield”. We see Raw G.M. Kurt Angle, who had to replace Roman Reigns due to an illness meeting with his partners for the night. Kurt tells Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins that he knows they wanted to go it alone but he just couldn’t let them. But they tell Kurt that they have something for him. They hand him a Shield vest and tell him, he is all the way in. This could mean big trouble for Team Miz who looked a little shaky earlier in the night.

Elias’ Song 2:



Elias comes back since he was interrupted earlier and now sets up on the stage to preform. The crowd loves it and are having fun interrupting his song and making him start over a couple times. But then some idiot throws more vegetables at him. The idiot turns out to be the same loser from earlier, Jason Jordan. Elias has to leave with no performance again. That now makes Jason Jordan a loser and an idiot in my book, he could’ve used a squirt gun or something different and funny at least.

Match 4: WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Enzo Amore(Champion) vs. Kalisto

This match and rivalry was a little below the talent level of Enzo in my opinion. Kalisto is a good wrestler but not a good single’s competitor. He works great in a team but he doesn’t have the mic skills or charisma to be a good single’s wrestler. Anyways, Enzo has a messed up voice but does his normal thing and says his voice is all he’ll be losing. So the match gets started and it has a low pace for a cruiserweight bout. Kalisto at times looked very confused and almost lost in many ways.

Enzo reverses Kalisto’s finisher and nails him with Enzo’s signature “DDG”late in the match. Enzo goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, kick out by Kalisto! Kalisto tries to battle back now but gets a finger in the eye and then hit with Enzo’s “Soul Food”. Enzo goes for the pin again now and looks to reclaim his belt! The winner via pin fall by way of “Soul Food” and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore.

Match 5:

Finn Balor vs. A.J. Styles

This match to me is like a sad apology. It’s like if someone ate your entire birthday cake but gave you a nice cupcake to make up for it, it’s weird and not the same. This was suppose to be kind of a creepy match really. Like an old Undertaker vs. Kane kind of creepy, but instead we get like a Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho kind of match. Bray Wyatt was also too sick to preform, this is weird for me. This was suppose to be The Demon vs. Sister Abigail, demon vs. demon. But Bray was too sick to be possessed?

Well anyways, this match became a huge fan favorite. Good guy vs. good guy, these matches are always fun to watch. These two gave us the epic match we were expecting. This match was everything we could hope for after the original match was cancelled. This match was epic and was a war back and fourth throughout and a great show by each wrestler. After the most devastating Coo De Gras I’ve ever seen, Finn gets the pin fall win. But after the match the two shake hands and lead us to believe there is more to come from the two in the future. Their relation will become very interesting during this whole Raw vs. SmackDown phase. This match deserved to be the co-main event of the night in my opinion.

Match 6:

Elias vs. Jason Jordan

This match made no sense to me really. Elias is undefeated and really has no gain in beating Jason Jordan. The only reason why Elias has any reason for this match is thrown vegetables. Jason Jordan on the other hand doesn’t really have much to gain here either but does get another co-main event to add to his list. That said, this match would have been perfect as the first match of the night. It was a good match but it was no better than a normal Raw match.

That said Jordan showed a little of his mean streak or bad side if you would. Not only did he throw the vegetables at Elias on multiple occasions through out the night, he used some, “less than legal” tactics. At the end of the match, Jason Jordan was announced the winner. However Elias had his shoulder up so it shouldn’t have counted, but Jordan took the dirty win instead. He, the ref, and Raw G.M. Kurt Angle all turned a blind eye to this. The opposite of what happened with Kevin Owens and SmackDown G.M. Shane McMahon recently. But at any rate the son of the Raw G.M. again gets a big time match, but for no real reason.

Main Event: 3 vs. 5 Handicap Tornado Tag Tables, Ladders, And Chairs(T.L.C.) Match

The Shield (Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) and Kurt Angle vs. The Miz, The Bar(Sheamus & Cesaro), Braun Strowman, and Kane

This match was epic from the entrances and it never quit either. The match started and it didn’t take long for the good guys to run into trouble. But they quickly responded with a flurry of chair and ladder shots and began to divide and conquer. But Team Miz responded with their own chair assault. Then the ladder shots, and then the tables! But The Shield saves Kurt with vicious chair shots to Strowman and they leave Team Miz laid out.

They end up placing Kane and Braun on the announce tables and then Dean and Seth go off the top of a ladder and put themselves through their opponents and the tables!Then Angle goes on a big time vintage Kurt Angle roll! The crowd responds with chants of ‘ “You still got it”! But after doing his thing, he puts Kane in his signature “Angle Lock” and looks for the submission win. But then he gets, “monster handled” by Braun!

Braun gets ready to give Kurt a Running Powerslam outside the ring but then decides to slam him through the table set up instead! Medics and trainers come down to help the almost motionless Kurt. As Braun stands over his most recent victim however, The Shield responds! After a brief come back, Team Miz takes them down with another wave of chair shots. But when they went back to the chairs, that’s when they messed up.

At one point Kane hit Strowman with a chair to the back. The problems grew from there. Miz was able to get control back with his team. Then it was time to take out the trash, so Miz called in a trash truck. As team Miz got their opponents to the top of the stage, things began to go down hill for Miz. Kane snaps and attacks Braun out of no where! Then he finishes by Choke Slamming Braun through part of the stage. But he looks at the chairs hanging from the stage and decides to pull the strand of six or seven steel chairs that go as high as 25 feet down onto Braun as an encore! Now Braun and Kurt are both out of the match.

As Team Miz celebrates, they drag the remaining Shield members over to the trash truck. But then Braun pops up and surprises Kane. Braun takes out all of his teammates and then attacks Kane last. But then Braun gets jumped by his team and is tossed in the trash truck. Miz orders that they compact and crush him, and they do and then they drive away. Miz then orders they bring Dean and Seth to the ring and as they do, Miz looks sick about what he just did.

When they get back to the ring, the beating continues until the sound of Kurt’s music! Kurt comes out in his red, white, and blue and clears the ring! He gets Miz in the Angle Lock but Miz escapes. Then Miz finds himself afraid and surrounded by The Shield. Then it’s classic shield from there, complete with Angle doing his own Roman yell. The Shield Bomb to the Miz and the pin for the win! The winners via pin fall by way of Shield Bomb, The Shield and Kurt Angle.

Walker’s Words Of Wisdom

This P-P-V was awesome, and mainly due to the main event. They had some dumb booking issues but considering they had to reschedule two of the biggest matches in a week, it was incredible. Kurt did a great job of making sure the P-P-V was epic by giving an unforgettable performance in the main event of the night. He was able to pull it off on just a few days notice and that’s impressive to me.

As bad as I hate to say this, I would skip the Asuka vs. Emma opening match and the Elias vs. Jason Jordan co-main event of the night. I would watch everything else but if you don’t watch those two matches, you’re saving yourself time at least. You don’t really see anything rare or really worth watching in those two matches. But over all I would say this was a great Pay-Per-View event. The worst match was probably the co-main event and the best match was no doubt the main event itself. I’m rating this one an 8 out of 10 because this was great, but could’ve been a little better. After this one, I can’t wait for WWE Survivor Series!


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