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Review of WWE Raw October 16, 2017!

This night of Raw action opens up with a video recap of the reunion of “The Shield” over the last couple of weeks. Then Raw G.M. Kurt Angle made his entrance to the kind of reaction only Kurt Angle himself can enjoy. Angle waved on the now loving crowd chant for Angle of, “You Suck!” as he came out. As he entered the ring the crowd went crazy with applause for him.

We see to that the arena is decorated to promote WWE’s, “Tables, Ladders, and Chairs” (T.L.C.) pay-per-view this that happens this Sunday! As Kurt goes on about “The Shield”, he is interrupted by their music. He turns and looks up the ramp way, but we all know better then that by now. The camera goes to “The Shield” who are coming through the crowd in the old “Shield” gear just like old times. They enter the ring and Kurt gives them the mic.

After trying a macho line and getting booed, Seth Rollins takes the mic from Roman and tells him to calm down. For the next little bit Rollins, Roman, and Dean talk about how dominate “The Shield” is. However they get interrupted by the appearance of Braun Strowman, “The Bar”, and Miz. Angle is quick to halt this from getting worse or out of control. After Angle gets control back, we go to break.

Back from break we see Elias and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows sitting on stools in the ring. Elias starts his normal thing but is interrupted by Anderson who request that they warm up their vocals real fast. After some rather unique vocal exercises, the trio is ready for their performance. They preform a song that leaves you with the impression that they believe Jason Jordan is a “Nerd”. Thankfully though, this song brings us our first match of the night.

Match 1:

Elias and “The Club”(Gallows and Anderson) vs. Jason Jordan and “Titus Worldwide”(Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil)

This match started quick paced and stayed that speed. Quickly Jordan and “Titus Worldwide” start to take control of this bout. After another break we come back to see Elias get tagged into the match. He doesn’t stay long though and he tags Anderson into the match. But after a bit of a overdrive mode from Jordan and Crews, they get the win! The winners via pin fall by way of Back Suplex Powerbomb from Crews, Jason Jordan and “Titus Worldwide”. After some words from the announce team, we go to anther break.


Emma on Asuka

After the break we get a highlight reel sort of video to hype Asuka. Then we see Emma backstage talking some trash about Asuka. Emma gets some support from WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. After a little bit of talking we find out that Emma will be Alexa’s partner vs. Mickie James and the partner of her choice later in the show. After this we go to some Cruiserweight action as we then get taken to a video recap of Cedric Alexader and his rivalry with Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher. We go to break but when we come back, it’s Cedric vs. Gallagher.

Match 2:

Cedric Alexander vs. Jack Gallagher

What looks like it could become a two on one match of Cedric vs. Jack and Kendrick is saved by Rick Swann. Cedrick starts to take control of the match and catches Jack off guard. But Jack gets in position and hits Cedric with a sneak attack from behind him! Cedric starts to battle back but is cut short by a series of various vicious kicks from Gallagher!

Cedrick starts to make a come back but then Kendrick grabs his leg. Again Swann saves Cedric as he nails Kendrick to free Cedrick from his grip! Cedrick now sets up for his finisher and then nails Jack with the Lumbar Check! Making the winner via pin fall by way of Lumbar Check, Cedrick Alexander with Rick Swann.

Miz T.V.:

Next after another break, we get (or have to watch) “Miz T.V.”. After Miz rants for awhile he goes to his guess, “The Bar” or what appears to be the new Miztourage. Cesaro and Sheamus both claim they will winn back their WWE Raw Tag Team Championships later during the show and they claim they will destroy “The Shield”!
They then begin to go into detail about how they are going to destroy them and who will do what to who. After being joined by Bruan Strowman, they all continue to talk smack. But they are interrupted by Raw G.M. Kurt Angle who reminds them that just because Dean Ambrose feels they can take on five guys, doesn’t mean he does. He tells them that he has already agreed to and booked the match for a three vs. four match, not three vs. five.

Angle tells them that if they want five vs. three at T.L.C. on Sunday that Strowman has to beat Roman in their cage match set for the Main Event of the night. But he adds that all of the Miztourage is banned from ringside during the match and if Strowman loses then he won’t be allowed in the match Sunday and it’ll be 3 vs. 3. Strowman agrees but only if the cage is locked shut so Roman can’t run away. Angle agrees and the match is set and now with the new stipulations added.

Match 3:

Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks

In this one Sasha waste no time getting to it! Instantly Sasha applies her signature Bank Statement submission hold! But Fox breaks free and rolls outside for a breath. Then Sasha is nailed with a Neck Snap over the top rope as Fox climbs to the apron. Fox gets Banks to the mat but can only get a two count pin fall from it. After Banks breaks free from a hold from Fox, she nails her with a Crossbody Take Down but she only gets a one count!

Fox answers with a Back Elbow and then she applies another hold of her own. However after some hard fighting, Banks breaks free! Now Sasha appears to be bleeding from her mouth slightly but she seems almost unfazed by it. Banks applies anther signature “Bank Statement” Crossface submission lock! Giving us the winner via submission by way of “Bank Statement” Crossface, Sasha Banks.


Sasha Banks Interview

As we come back from break again, we see Sasha Banks being interviewed about her win just before the break. As she begins to tell us about the win, she is hit with a blindside attack! Fox begins to beat Banks, but Sasha fights back! The two throw each other into different equipment hard cases and such and Fox begins to get the upper hand. Fox beats Sasha to the ground and then begins to drop knees and shins onto her! Finally WWE Referees show up to break it up, but it’s too late really.

But Fox doesn’t know when to stop, she shoves an official to the ground! The ref reminds her that she can’t touch him, and that she’s in big trouble. She makes it clear that she doesn’t care, she wants a rematch. Then two more refs show up and Fox actually squares up like she might fight the refs before running off. It seems like Alicia Fox has gone of the deep end so to speak.

Enzo Amore Promo:

Enzo Amore makes his usual entrance and he can hear some “Boos” coming from the crowd. He notes that they must be asking about his Cruiserweight title that he lost. He then shows video of him losing his belt and then tells us how he feels about it. He explains he feels he has been, “nuked, screwed, and robbed” of his championship. He points out that he was cheated in the match and that he didn’t fairly lose his belt. But he is interrupted by Kalisto who makes his entrance then.



After Kalisto fails at his promo, must of which was impossible to understand because it literally wasn’t even English Enzo got the last laugh. Enzo speaks briefly but lets actions speak louder than words. Kalisto gets jumped by Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, and Tony Nese! As Kalisto is getting beaten, Enzo reminds him that Rey Mysterio at least wore a Louis Vuitton mask and that his looked like something that no one would buy.

But then Mustafa Ali comes to aid Kalisto! After a good start, Ali is also beaten down by the crew. Kalisto and Ali get beaten down bad and Enzo even joins in the fun for a little bit of it. Finally Enzo gets down to ask Ali and Kalisto something even though he admits he knows they can’t respond. Enzo ask the two, “How you doin’?” and with that the group leaves the two motionless in the ring.

Match 4: WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

“The Bar”(Cesaro and Sheamus) vs. “The Shield”(Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns)

After coming back from another break, we come to the fourth match of the evening. “The Bar” takes control of this one quickly. But after a tag from “The Shield”, the momentum quickly changed. But after that the match became a real back and fourth battle. This match became really entertaining, really quick!

These two teams continue to go against each other with everything they have. The match between these two teams this Sunday is going to be insane! These guys are already giving an amazing show, just imagine this match again but with at least three more wrestlers, tables, ladders, and chairs!

These guys are trading the control of the match still but “The Shield” start to pull ahead. But just when you think they have it, the tables turn again! Now Ambrose is up in the Double Crucifix Powerbomb, but he slips out! Then boom, a big Ripcord Knee from Rollins! Then Dean nails Dirty Deeds and goes for the pin! The winners via pin fall by way of Dirty Deeds and still WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, “The Shield”.


Curtis Axel

After another break we go backstage where we see Braun Strowman encourage Curtis Axel to go beat up Roman. So Axel goes in search of Roman. Shortly after we go to the ring to see Finn Balor come out to warn Bray Wyatt of something. Finn explains about a Celtic fable that he feels relates to him and Bray. He shows the appearance of “Sister Abigail” last week on Raw and explains that he and his “demon” aren’t scared.

After possibly showing a new look for “The Demon”, Finn makes it clear that they can’t wait to met “Sister Abigail”. After the Finn vs. Bray hype piece, we go back to break. And after the break we go to the 5th match of the night.

Match 5:

Alexa Bliss and Emma vs. Mickie James and a mystery partner

We start this one during the entrances. After making her entrance, Mickie James reviled her partner. Her tag team partner for the match is , Bayley! Bayley comes out and the crowd erupts. And then Corey Graves makes an mean joke about dyslexia. He says that, “Emma maybe kicked in the head and get dyslexia” as he laughs. As a writer who struggles with that very issue of having dyslexia, I didn’t find his joke very funny.

To start this match, Bayley and Mickie took control. After a couple of pin attempts, Emma saves the match by breaking up what looked like the match winning pin! After that, the bout becomes a temporary shoving match. And then we go to yet another break.

After the break the match seems to be going the same way. But Bliss and Emma begin to battle back. Emma ends up down and on the outside of the ring as Bliss is up and in the ring. Bliss nails Bayley with a vicious elbow strike that takes Bayley to the ground outside the ring. But as Bliss boast and then turns around, she gets nailed with a “Mickie Kick” from Mickie James of course. The winners via pin fall by way of Mickie Kick, Mickie James and Bayley.


We see Curtis Axel has found Roman and Rollins, and Dean for that matter finally. He convince himself one last time to do it, and then he goes for it. Then we go to a break and when we come back we see Miz looking for Axel. We see Miz get told what that Axel went looking for Roman. Miz goes looking for him and after a Mickie James interview and a break, we catch back up with Miz.

Then we see that Axel is hanging upside down from his ankles of a forklift. He is unresponsive and shirtless with bruising on his torso. Miz calls for a medic and in the process he gets interviewed. Miz is asked what this means for him and his possible team now. Miz says that it changes almost nothing, Axel never was their 5th man. And with that Miz walks away and we go to the Main Event.

Main Event: Cage Match For Stipulations For Match at T.L.C.

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

This match started like you thought it would! These two guys are trading blows and going hard at it. Roman begins to get the upper hand in the match and then goes for a Spear. As Roman goes for the Spear, Braun catches him and nails him with a Thrust Spinebuster! And with that we go to another break. After the break, the tables flipped.

Strowman is now in control of the match and he begins to throw Roman into the steel cage face first! Roman though battles back and almost escapes the cage! But he gets pulled back in and the beating continues for both men. Then Roman makes a surprise break for the win. He gets half way over the cage and is stopped by “The Bar”! But seconds later Ambrose and Rollins show up to help Roman!

The two teams start to fight and make their way backstage then. Miz follows them and as they get beyond a garage port door, Miz closes it and locks them out and with a strange grin. Back to the match inside the cage, Strowman is down and Roman is climbing out! Roman makes it to the top of the cage before Strowman even makes it back to his feet.

Roman is more than half way out of the cage now and going. Roman is finally out of the cage and now drops for the win. But wait, not just yet anyways. Somehow Strowman has caught Roman and is pulling him back into the cage! Braun nearly makes it out now but Roman saves it with a kick that leaves Braun hanging on the top rope. And now Roman sets up for the Superman Punch.

Roman nails Braun with a Superman punch but almost nothing happens. Then he nails with two more and drops Braun! Then it’s 1, 2 , and a late kick out by Braun. And then Kane’s music begins to play and Braun uses the easy distraction. But Roman ain’t going for it and nails Braun with the Spear!

But then, BOOM, Kane rips through the ring and crawls out from the hole! The lights drop to as Jim Ross would say, “hell fire and brimstone” and Roman looks terrified! The Roman tries a Superman punch but is immediately caught and Choke Slammed by Kane! Kane nails two more slams just like it and a Tombstone Piledriver before Strowman nails Roman with two Running Powerslams. Making your winner via pin fall by way of Running Powerslam, Braun Strowman. And As Miz announces from the top of a ladder, Kane is now the 5th man for them at T.L.C.

Walker’s Words of Wisdom

This Raw was awesome and unpredictable! This Raw was almost perfect in every way it could’ve been. I’m giving this Raw a 7 out of 10 because it was awesome but could’ve been a little better and/or more epic. That said, I would honestly say to watch everything except the commercials and maybe Miz T.V.. This Raw had some great action and was booked very well.

This Raw was one of the best I’ve seen in a bit and one well worth watching. They had just one too many promos or so but besides that it was great. Best match of the night would be the Main Event but with the Tag Team title match as a close 2nd place. This Raw is one to watch and one worth watching all of. It definitely gets you ready for T.L.C. on Sunday. I for one can’t wait to see Asuka back in action again, I just hope now Kurt has learned how to say her name right!


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