Walker’s Weekly NFL Picks For Week 6!

This NFL season has been hard to predict no doubt about that. That said, here’s my predictions for week 6 minus the Panthers vs. Eagles game.


Bears vs. Ravens

This week when the Bears take on the Ravens we’re likely to see a game where field goals and extra points may be the deciding factor. This game I think will be a decided by a single possession in the 4th quarter. I see the Ravens coming away with this one. I think the Ravens will win this by 6 or so. This should be a fun game to watch.


Packers vs. Vikings


This is going to be a hard hitting battle in the NFC North as the Packers take on rival Vikings. The Vikings are having a spotty start to their season and will be looking to build some momentum with a win this week. However the Packers are coming off a big last second win and will be looking to continue their winning ways. I see the Packers winning this one because I just don’t think the Vikings can’t stop them on third down or in the “Red Zone”.


49ers vs. Redskins


This will likely be a low scoring game from start to finish. This one is my “upset” of the week. I think the 49ers will be giving this all they have to get their first win of the season. I’m going with the words of Bob Brenly on this one. “All things must come to an end. Even a tough losing streak”, and I think the same is to be said for the 49ers this week. I see the 49ers winning this one, but not by much.


Lions vs. Saints

This game is hard to predict no doubt. Both teams are about equal talent wise in my opinion, so this could be a good one. Ultimately I think defense will be what wins, or loses this game. This will be the Saints first game after the “Adrian Peterson Trade”, so things may go a little smoother for the Saints this week. Peterson had disagreements with coaches and teammates and now that he is gone, maybe the Saints will be less stressed and/or hindered. I think the Saints get the win this week due to an interception or a big defensive stop late in the 4th quarter.

Dolphins vs. Falcons

This game just might be my “Lock In” of the week. I see the Falcons winning this one by at least two scores. I think that the talent of the Falcons will be too much for the Dolphins to overcome this week. I think that the defense of the Falcons will have a good day and they’ll come up with a lot of 3rd down stops in this one. I think the Falcons win this one with a little bit of ease.

Browns vs. Texans

This could be a fun game to watch, but it’ll likely be a one sided game. I think the Texans will strike first and they won’t let up. I don’t see this one being a blow out until maybe late in the 4th, but I don’t see it being real close either. I think that the Texans will get about a ten point lead and that will be the gap for most of the game. I see the Texans winning this one.

Patriots vs. Jets

It’s always interesting to watch the Patriots play the Jets and this one will be no different. This will be a hard hitting game but not a real close one. I think the Patriots will grab an early lead and they’ll not give it up during this one. The Patriots will win this one because they’re the better team overall vs. the Jets. Jets will give it all they’ve got but the Patriots will have the answers.

Buccaneers vs. Cardinals

This game will be a close one I’ve got a feeling. The Cardinals will likely be looking to get back to the run game having just acquired Adrian Peterson in a blockbuster type of trade. Peterson could be the missing piece the Cardinals need to find to get back to winning. I think this game will be super close and it could come down to a last second play. I see the Cardinals winning this one by less than six.

Rams vs. Jaguars

This game could another close one but I see the Jaguars winning this one. I think the Jaguars win this one but not by much. The Jaguars will have a long day trying to contain the explosive offense of the Rams, but if they do they win no doubt. The defense of the Jaguars will likely be what wins this one for them. The Jaguars win this one but a single score.

Chargers vs. Raiders

This game is a tricky one to predict. Raiders QB Derek Carr will be making his return after a back fracture injury. If Carr makes his return and is his normal self the Raiders will win this one I’m sure. But if Carr is off his game, this one could be a long frustrating day for the Raiders. I’m going with the Raiders getting the win in this one but it’ll be within two scores. However if Carr is off his game, the Chargers can pull of a little bit of a surprise win. I’m going with the Raiders but this will come down to how well Carr plays.

Steelers vs. Chiefs

The running game is going to be the deciding factor in this one. I see the Chiefs winning this one but it’ll be close. I think that this will be a back and forth game until late in the 3rd or the start of the 4th. I think the Chiefs win this one but it a good game to watch.

Giants vs. Broncos

This one is a little easier for me to try to predict. I’m going with the Broncos on this one and for obvious reasons. The Giants are hurt and hurt bad and will likely need a few weeks to make a recovery of the season at all. If the Giants were a healthy team, this would be different maybe. But with the Giants in the condition they are in, I’m going with the Broncos on this one.

Colts vs. Titans

In the Monday night game this week, AFC South competitors the Indianapolis Colts will take on the Tennessee Titans in a battle for standings. The Colts will again be without QB Andrew Luck this week but he did help in practice and made their defense, “look silly” while running the Titans offense. This could be a close game and one that I think might be a small upset to some. I think that even though the Colts are without Andrew Luck, they’ll still get the win this week. Colts seem to always play better during Monday night games and I think they’ll do well in this one. It’ll be a nice game to watch and one I see the Colts winning.


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