Dominick Cruz vs. Jimmie Rivera at UFC 219!

Image Rights: UFC

It has been announced that at UFC 219 Dominick Cruz will fight Jimmie Rivera in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday December 30, 2017! Cruz will be making his long awaited UFC return and will be looking to live up to the hype. But he’ll have a battle on his hands as he takes on Rivera. Rivera has an impressive record and in some circles is considered a heavy favorite to win this one. Like wise though, the same can be said for Cruz.

This fight has many UFC and MMA fans super excited. This fight card has some awesome fights lined up no doubt, but this is one many are watching for. Rivera is younger than Cruz and will likely be one of, if not his toughest fight yet. Regardless of who you want to win, this fight is going to be a great one.

This fight has two of the best of their weight class going head to head. Age could be a factor in this one though. It may be difficult for Cruz to beat a younger opponent, especially having not fought in so long. Cruz though has overcome many obstacles in his MMA career and for someone like him, it may be no problem at all. Either way you can bet these fighters will put on a great show for everyone watching!

This fight will be a great fight for both Cruz and Rivera. It’ll possibly help prove that Cruz has still got it and that Rivera can take on the best of the best. If your an MMA and/or UFC fan, this is one fight you can’t miss! On Saturday December 30, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re going to see at least two of the best at what they do go full force at one another! This will be an exciting fight and one I can’t wait to see! The only question now is obvious, who’s going to come out on top in this one? Rivera or Cruz, only time will tell the winner for now. But we will all find out at UFC 219.


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