Walker’s Weekly NFL Predictions For Week 4!

Bears vs. Packers

This game has bigger implications than a week 4 divisional rivalry game, this game is way bigger than that. This game between the two oldest rivals in the NFL will decide the all time win record between the two. This is the 195th game between these two teams and both want the win badly. I believe the Packers get the win in this one but the Bears will show they are a team to watch out for. This will be the best Bears’ team the Packers have played since 2010 I would say. This game means a lot to both teams but I believe the Packers want it more and their QB Aaron Rodgers will not let them lose this week. I think the Packers win this one simply because they’ll refuse to lose.

Saints vs. Dolphins

I see the Saints winning this one but by a single score likely. Both teams are talented but I think the Saints have what it takes to get the win this week. It will likely be a close game but the Saints will likely win this one in the last two minutes of the game. All that said, the Dolphins have proven me wrong before.


Panthers vs. Patriots

This game will be a good one but I expect the Patriots to come away with the win. I think the Panthers are slightly distracted going into this one and they don’t play well when distracted. Especially Panthers QB Cam Newton, we have his Super Bowl preformance as a reminder. I think Cam will have a poor week and the Patriots will get the win because of it.

Jaguars vs. Jets

I think this will be a good game for the Jag’s running game at least. I think the Jaguars will win this one and I think their running game will be what wins it. Watch for Leonard Fournette to have an above average game.

Titans vs. Texans

This will be another good game I think. This one has potential to be a close one to the end. All that said, I’m going to have to go with the Titans on this one believe it or not. I think the passing game of the Titans might just get the job done for a W this week.

Steelers vs. Ravens

Like all Steelers vs. Ravens games, expect this one to be a hard hitting and competitive match up. The Steelers have a lot to prove this week and a lot of fans to try to win back. After their conundrum with the national anthem last week and then their Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s criticism of his team during a press conference, fans some since the 60’s burned team memorabilia and denounced themselves as fans. The Steelers will have to have an amazing week to try to win back some fan support, and because of that I believe they will get the win. One might wonder what former team owner and United States Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney who recently passed away would say if he saw his team last week.

Bengals vs. Browns

I have what some might view as an upset in this one. All things must come to an end at some point, and I think the same is true about the poor play of the Bengals this week. The Browns look good this year and the Bengals don’t, no doubt about that. But having said that, I think this week might be when the Bengals turn it around. I believe that Bengals QB Andy Dalton feels the pressure and will be forced to play his best this week to silence critics momentarily at least. The Bengals know they have to get a win this week and because of that I’m going with them this week. That said and all, the Browns sure could capitalize on a shaky Bengals team if they play their cards right.

Lions vs. Vikings

This should be a good game and one that will likely be close till the third quarter. I think this game will be close but I think the Lions will take control of the game by the end of the third quarter. That said, if the Vikings’ defense can get to Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford enough to frustrate him, the Vikings could get the win. This game feels hard to predict to me because I can see it going either way really. However, I feel confident enough in my prediction of the Lions gaining control late in the game that I’m going to say the Lions will win this one.

Rams vs. Cowboys

This should be a fun game and likely another “shoot out” for the Rams this week. I think the Cowboys are a great team but I don’t think they’ll be able to stop the Rams this week. I think the game will be decided by who ever gets more third down conversions. I think the team with the most third down conversions will win this one and I think the Rams will be the team to do so. This should be a great game from start to end but I see the Rams coming away with the win.

Bills vs. Falcons

This game has the chance to be close to a blow out at least. I think the Falcons will get the lead early in this one and will never lose it. I expect the Falcons will have at least a ten point lead from half way through the first quarter until the end of the game. I think the Falcons are just a better team and that it’ll show in this one. I see the Falcons getting an easy win this week.

Eagles vs. Chargers

The Eagles won a close game last week decided by a field goal and it fired the team up! I expect the Eagles to come into this game with some motivation and momentum and they will attempt to use both to get the win in this one. I can see this one being a close game till the end but will likely be decided by a finale drive. The winner of this one will likely be the last team to have the ball, and I see that being the Eagles. Watch for a close one but a last minute win for the Eagles this week.

49ers vs. Cardinals

This one will be a good game no doubt, but unless the Cardinals can improve their kicking game this week, watch for a 49ers win. The Cards’ seem to always come close to a win but missed kicks ends up losing it for them each time. I see the same thing happening this week unless the Cardinals can seriously improve on kicking.

Giants vs. Buccaneers

This should be a good game but the Giants will likely get the win. The Giants have some pressure on them and I think they feel a loss this week is not an option. I think the Giants will have what it takes this week to get the win. That said, don’t expect the win to come easy.

Raiders vs. Broncos

This will be a good game more than likely and will exhibit some signs of some classic football I believe. I think it’ll be a hard hitting and close game but ultimately the Raiders will get the win. The Broncos are a good team but I think that the Raiders will push a little harder this week and I see them as a slightly more talented team at least. Because of those reasons, I’m going with the Raiders in this one.

Colts vs. Seahawks

This game could easily become a blow out. I think the Seahawks will win this game will little trouble. The Colts are a spotty team at best so far this year and I don’t believe they have what it takes to beat a team like the Seahawks. I think the Seahawks will win this game by at least two scores.

Redskins vs. Chiefs

This will be a good game and a very exciting one. I think the two teams will go back and fourth in this one and put on a decent show at least. I think though that at the end of the game, the Chiefs will have the win. I think the run game is what will win it for the Chiefs but the Redskins won’t give up and they’ll make the Chiefs earn every yard and point. This should be a good game to watch.


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