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Nevada: Quarterback David Cornwell To Transfer From The University

For the second time in his college career, David Cornwell has announced that he will be transferring from the University of Nevada on Wednesday.

David Cornwell has had a very rocky stint with the Wolfpack. David Cornwell was named the team’s starting quarterback during spring camp but would later lose that role to Ty Gangi before week one forcing him into the backup role behind Gangi.

David Cornwell has spent the last three games on the bench before getting the call this past Saturday in the Wolfpack’s loss to powerhouse Washington State. In the loss to the Cougars, Cornwell did not help his cause of becoming the long-term starter due to the reason the fact that he threw 3 interceptions in the loss. Following the loss, Nevada head coach said that he will be returning to Ty Gangi at starter over Cornwell. The decision of being benched yet again likely did it in for Cornwell and his tenure with the Wolfpack.

David Cornwell, Junior, will now go back on the recruiting trail and visit schools that will best fit him and will give him a chance to start. Should Cornwell decide to stay at the FBS level, he will sit out a year, but if he lands in an FCS level, he will be given the immediate chance to compete for a starting role next year.


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