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Walker’s Weekly NFL Predictions!

Rams vs. 49ers

In this one I see the Rams coming away with the win. This is the best Rams’ team we’ve seen in probably at least 10 years. I see the Rams looking to bounce back from their heartbreaking loss last week. Also, I just don’t see the 49ers being able to stop the offense or get past the defense of the Rams.


Ravens vs. Jaguars

This one could be a close one as both teams are pretty evenly matched. That said, I see the Ravens coming away with the win at the end of this one. I think the Ravens win this one because they are a slightly better team and they have a shot to go 3-0 to start the year. It’ll likely be close, but I see Ravens winning this one in an attempt to show they are serious competitors this year.


Broncos vs. Bills

I see the Broncos winning this one. The Broncos to me seem to be the better team in this game. The Broncos average more passing yards, rushing yards, and total yards and I don’t see that changing in this one.


Steelers vs. Bears

This one shouldn’t be too difficult for the Steelers to win this week. The Steelers are the better team and will probably have this one in the bag by late in the third quarter. I don’t think this one will be a blow out, but I don’t it’ll be a close one either.


Saints vs. Panthers

This one will be decided on if the Saints can get along this week or not. If the Saints can get along this week I see them getting the win. If not, I see Cam Newton and the Panthers taking advantage of a troubled and unorganized Saints team. I think both teams are talented teams and it’ll be a good game to watch. This one is won by the Saints if they can get along and lost by them if they can’t.


Buccaneers vs. Vikings

This one maybe some what of an upset. Even though the Vikings have the better numbers, we only have one game of numbers to look at for the Bucs’ and they do have a lot to play for. I think the Bucs’ win this one because of some surprises from their offense. The Vikings are definitely looking to seize control the NFC North as soon as they can, but the Buccaneers likely will ruin that for them. I think the Bucs’ win this one by ten.


Colts vs. Browns

I’m shocked to say this but, I see the Browns winning this one. The Browns have better numbers and a better team. The Colts average about 23 points a game in comparison to the Browns who average 31 points per game and I see the final score not being far off from that. This game could go either way but I see the Browns winning this one.


Dolphins vs. Jets

I see the Jets coming up with the win in this one. The Dolphins will likely lose this one late in the 4th due to their QB. Last week the Dolphins got a surprising win but I don’t see them doing the same this week. I think this one will be a close one but ultimately the Jets will come away victorious.


Texans vs. Patriots

I see the Texans winning this one. I think it’ll be a very competitive game but I think the Patriots will likely lose this one due to late game frustration. I think the Texans need and want a big win in this one and I think their defense will play the biggest part in that. I think if the Texans defense can get to Tom Brady, the Texans win this one.


Falcons vs. Lions

I see the Falcons winning this one with a big defensive game. I think the Falcons offense will pick apart the Lions defense and the Falcons will outscore the Lions in all four quarters. The Falcons have a better team and will likely take advantage of the Lions throughout the game and end up devastating them. I think the Falcons just might calm some of the hype around Matthew Stafford down a bit. Look for a big day from the Falcons defense.


Giants vs. Eagles

I think the Eagles will come away with a win this week. I think the Eagles will look take advantage of a sputtering Giants team. If the Giants can pull together as a team and get OBJ to make just 4 or 5 big catches, I think they can get the win. However I think the Eagles will prevent that from happening. I think the Eagles will come up with some big plays late in the game to secure the win.


Seahawks vs. Titans

I see this one being a lot closer than the Seahawks want it to be. I think the Seahawks are the better team but this years numbers would say other wise. I think this will be a game decided by a single score. I think the Seahawks will win this one but my gut tells me that we might be in for a surprise with the result of this one.


Chiefs vs. Chargers

These are two great teams but I think the Chiefs will end up with the win. The Chargers are definitely looking to bounce back after the hard loss last week but the Chiefs running game will likely be too much to handle. I think the running game of the Chiefs will be the deciding factor in this one. If the Chargers can stop the Chiefs running game they’ll get the win. If the Chargers can’t stop the run, I see the Chiefs coming up with the win.


Bengals vs. Packers

I see the Packers winning this one. The struggling passing game of the Bengals may be what beats them this week. The Packers defense needs a big performance and this week could be just the chance the one they need. Also the offense of the Packers will likely look to gain some momentum this week. The Packers passing game just may come up big against the Bengals.


Raiders vs. Redskins

I see the Raiders beating the Redskins this week. I think the Raiders will come up big against the Redskins and they’ll get the win this week. The Raiders have better numbers all the way across the board and are no doubt the better team. If the Raiders can come out and do what they’ve done the first two weeks, we’ll see a Raiders win no doubt. The Redskins will have to disrupt the Raiders on every side of the ball if they want to pull out the upset win this week, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Cowboys vs. Cardinals

Look for the Cowboys to win this one. The Cardinals are a good team but have been struggling as of recent and the Cowboys will likely look to take advantage of that. The Cowboys are the better team overall and will likely demonstrate that in this game. This will be a good game but it likely won’t take long for the Cowboys to start to run away with it. Watch for the Cowboys to get the win in this one.

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