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RAW Review September 11, 2017!

This night of Raw action started with a moment of silence to remember and honor those who are victims of and lost their lives due to the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. The moving moment of silence ended and was met with a loud patriotic, “U.S.A.” chant! After a few more moments Raw got into the swing of things. The announce team gets us pumped for some action and then the first match was starting.

Match 1: Jason Jordan vs. Roman Reigns

This match was last week’s Jordan vs. Cena match, but with Reigns instead. The match was just like last week’s in the sense of the style of action. It was one of those, “respect for your opponent” kind of matches. That said, Jordan did take control of the match and almost wins it at one point even!

But then Roman starts to make his comeback. He nails a “Drive-By” and moments later lands a “Superman Punch” that sets up for the spear! Roman hits Jordan with a “Spear” and then goes for the pin fall win! Roman gets the win via pin fall by way of “Spear”. But after the match he would again have to have a battle on the microphone with John Cena.

After a quick break, we come back and a few moments later Cena and Roman are speaking their minds to say the least. That said it’s more of the same we’ve seen. We hate Cena, but he is 100% right about Roman 100% of the time! Cena exposes how bad of an entertainer Roman is but admits he has amazing wrestling skills. He says what he has to say and then makes his exit.

Only before he can leave the ring, Roman calls him the same thing he has the past few weeks and tells him to get back in the ring. Cena does so and Roman does what Roman does, he choked. Cena addressed his infamous “Golden Shovle” by saying, “You guys(us the fans) can’t blame me for this one. He buried himself!” Needless to say, that didn’t set well with Roman.

Another great “shoot” style promo from the two(mainly Cena on this one). I can’t wait to watch these two guys go it once and for all. As much as I hate to admit this, I think Cena is going to teach Roman a little something about the wrestling business. This rivalry has definitely been a great way to get fans interested in two superstars that were losing popularity fast just prior. In a way in trying to destroy one another, they are saving one another. And I have to say I think Cena won this one and took it to another level when he said, “At No Mercy, consider me like a drug test cause Roman ain’t gonna pass!” Then he dropped the mic and walked out.

We come back from break and after a few moments Alexa Bliss joins the announce team and shortly after so does Nia Jax. The two are watching the match to, “see the competition.” Alexa Bliss is visibly uncomfortable by the sight of Jax alone. The two set back as the next match starts.

Match 2: Emma vs. Sasha Banks

This was a good match and a fun one to watch. Emma started to gain control of the match but Banks never let it get too far out of hand. After a while Banks begins to control the match and then applies a “LeBell Lock” submission on Emma! After a few moments Emma is forced to tap out after a hard fought match. Making the winner “The Boss” Sasha Banks via submission by way of “LeBell Lock”.

Lesnar vs. Strowman Promo

After the match we see a recap of Strowman vs. Big Show last week. Then after a quick break we see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in the ring. Haymen rants but hints at a return to the UFC for Brock. After ranting for a while and mentioning the UFC and ECW casually, Heyman demands Strowman come to the ring.

The “Monster Among Men” Bruan Strowman didn’t disappoint. He came down to the ring and then was nailed with a “Belly-To-Back” superplex. However as Lesnar celebrates Strowman bounces back to his feet! Brock turns around and to his dismay is face to face(well chest really) with Strowman!

Strowman destroys Brock and nails him with a power slam in the middle of the ring! It looks like it may be exactly like the “spoiler” that Heyman gave before SummerSlam. He said if Lesnar won then that Brock would go on to lose his title to, “Roman Reigns, to Samoa Joe, to Braun Strowman or whoever is dominant enough to conquer The Beast!” It just may be that at WWE No Mercy, Brock Lesnar may lose to Strowman and then retire from the WWE to return to UFC. If so, that would likely happen by way of Paul Heyman turning on Lesnar at No Mercy costing Lesnar the match and in doing so he’ll become the manager of Braun Strowman. Only the future will tell but watch for Strowman to be the next Lesnar.

After the break the announce team talks about the hurricanes that have recently hit our country. Booker T thanks the WWE fans for our support and says that everyone is coming together. After that Corey Graves tells us how to donate to the American Red Cross and thanks us. After that, it’s back to action!

Goldust comes down to the ring but is cut off by Bray Wyatt who pops up in a video on the big screen. Wyatt rants for a while and tells Goldust to, “run” and then the lights go out. Right after that, the “Fire Flies” come out and Wyatt makes his way to the ring.This sets us up for the next match of the night.

Match 3: Bray Wyatt vs. Goldust

Goldust looked good in the early few moments of the match, but it wouldn’t last long. Wyatt took control of the match and quickly set up for his signature move, “Sister Abigail” and goes for the pretty quick win. Wyatt wins the match via pin fall by way of “Sister Abigail”. Good match but afterwards is when it got interesting.

After the match Wyatt wiped the paint off the face of Goldust and screamed to everyone, “he is just a man!” Wyatt compared Goldust to Finn Balor as he wiped the paint off of Goldust, big mistake. Balor rushes the ring quickly which sends Wyatt running. He helps Goldust and then we are taken backstage.

We go to another break and come back to see that “The Shield Boys” have joined the announce team. We then get set for the next match of the night. However before the match can start, a fight breaks out! Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce come down and break it up. Afterwards we go back to another break.

When then see that a 8-man tag match will take place later between The Bar and Gallows and Anderson vs. The Shield Boys and whichever tag team they find. And then another prediction of mine was proven to be true. We are shown a video of the next superstar who will join RAW, it’s Asuka! At the end of the video it say, “coming soon”! I can’t wait to see Asuka on RAW finally, it’s going to be incredible.

Then we go backstage again to see two people who aren’t happy about the Asuka move, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. After some small talk Nia makes it clear that the two aren’t friends anymore at all. But then after a few, “I’m sorrys” from Alexa Jax agrees to forgive her. But warns she may not want to be her friend anymore anyways. She reveals the two will have a one on one match next week on RAW. After that we go back to break.

Match 4: Elias vs. Kalisto

This week Elias dropped the last name but did much of the same. He sang his song insulting the fans and was then interrupted by the entrance of Kalisto. This was not wise for Kalisto as it seemed to greatly anger Elias. Kalisto began to dominate early but was cut short by surprise. Elias hits Kalisto with a “Drift Away” and then goes for the cover. Elias wins the match via pin fall by way of “Drift Away”.

After the match Elias stands over his downed opponent with guitar in hand and celebrates his win. This dominant win streak of Elias’ is one that the WWE will have to notice at some point. If Elias continues to win like his is he’ll have a title match before too long. We’ll see what the future holds for “The Drifter” Elias.

Match 5: Braun Strowman vs. John Cena

This match was awesome and a battle no less. However it had a very confusing ending if you ask me. After the two went back and forth and Cena began to get winded, Strowman was disqualified! He was disqualified for slamming Cena onto the steel steps, this was a weird call but especially in this match. The reason is because earlier in the match the ref watched Strowman nail Cena with the steps outside the ring but yet he said nothing then. Yet when Strowman hits Cena with a legal move, he gets D.Q.ed?

At any rate, this was a great match from both superstars. It was more than entertaining throughout and never let up. However the bogus ending nearly ruined the match for me. All that said, the winner via disqualification John Cena.

After that we again go to break but after we come back we see Ambrose and Rollins walking backstage. They ask the Hardy Boyz if they were busy and we then find out the Hardy Boyz will team up with the Shield Boys in the 8-man tag match main event. And we got to see Jamie Noble and Dean Malenko backstage though as well!

Then we go back to the ring for “Miz T.V.”. The whole “Miztourage” is there but Miz has an announcement to make first before their guest comes down to the ring. Miz turns it over to Maryse who announces the two are having a baby! Miz claims he won’t be like Kurt Angle and that he’ll be there for his kid. But before he gets too far in his speech he gets cut off by his guest, Enzo Amore!

That lead to a match and what appeared to be a slight, “shoot” style promo from the Miz. Miz exposed Enzo for his conduct backstage and for being punished by being sent down to 205 Live(basically the article I wrote on Enzo being punished). After some harsh words on the mic, the two decided to go at it.

Match 6: Enzo Amore vs. Miz

This match was quick and was basically a, “Run Around” style of match. The two would run around and even trash talk on the mic during the match. However whenever Enzo suggested that Marsye was pregnant with someone else’s child, Miz snapped. He kicks Enzo out off the ring and the Miztourage begins to beat Enzo badly. As a result, the winner via disqualification is Enzo Amore.
After a few words from the announce team and a quick break, we are ready for the main event!

Main Event: 8-Man Tag Team Match
The Shield Boys(Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) and the Hardy Boyz(Matt & Jeff Hardy) vs. The Club(Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) and the Bar(Sheamus & Cesaro)

This match was as awesome as you would think! A complete war throughout and definitely one to watch. It was the perfect main event match but it was also a little confusing at the end. It looked like the Bar was leaving ringside as they walked up the ramp way. However they for some reason acted as if they were walking back down to the ring shortly after. But instead it left the Club distracted and they turn around to get nailed by different finishers! I don’t understand why though they acted like they were coming back. The Club was going to be distracted if the would’ve kept going even, but it worked I guess.

After all was said and done the winners are the Shield Boys and the Hardy Boyz via pin fall by way of “Dirty Deeds. After the match the Shield Boys and the Bar stare each other down, which leave the Hardy’s standing there awkwardly. But even still, it was a great way to end the show no doubt.

Walker’s Words of Wisdom

This was the best RAW I’ve seen in awhile. It’s going to be interesting to see if SmackDown can beat RAW again this week and if so, how? One thing is for sure, Asuka is going to do big things for the RAW brand in the future. But what will it mean for the RAW Women’s Division and Alexa Bliss? And will Alexa Bliss be able to refriend Nia Jax?

I would say watch the whole thing this time. The most boring part was probably the Bray Wyatt and Goldust thing. That said, it’s over fast enough you don’t really need to skip it even. The best match was probably the main event but could’ve been the Strowman vs. Cena match if it hadn’t been for the controversial end of it. You definitely have to check out the “shoot” promos from Cena and Roman and Miz and Enzo. And you should look at the Strowman and Lesnar promo at some point but don’t even consider not watching the big main event. I give this RAW a high 7 and a half out of 10 because it was awesome but lacked maybe just one or two bigger matches. Definitely one to watch all the way through if you have the time.


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