Ric Flair “Ain’t Dead Yet”, And He Wants You To Know It!

As of today, a video of wrestling legend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair surfaced across multiple types of social media. In the video, Mr. Flair can be seen with a t-shirt on that reads, ” I ain’t dead yet mother****ers! “. He says in the video he is much better and reminds us that he, “ain’t dead yet”! Flair goes on to thank all of his fans for the support and says we will see him in the “very, very, very, very, very, very near future.”

This is all great news considering the condition on Flair when he first was hospitalized. Flair was brought to an area hospital last month for a “routine check up” but would end up being book in there. Flair was then moved to the Intensive Care Unit(I.C.U.) to better medically treat the wrestling great. It was decided when Flair was in the I.C.U. that he would require surgery and would have to be put under a medically induced coma in order to do so. The 16-time wrestling champ remained in that medically induced coma until very recently.

The wrestling phenom recently awoke from his coma and as the new video shows, he’s now in street clothes, he’s talking again, he appreciates the love and support of his fans and loved ones, and most of all it shows he “ain’t dead yet”. We’ll all continue to support him through his recovery phase now and we’ll continue to send him our prayers and best wishes. I’ll continue to monitor his recovery and I’ll keep you updated on the status of “The Nature Boy” and what he does next.

Currently Flair is reported as, “up and running again” as far as his medical status goes. It is still unknown at this time what is next for Flair and his family, but we all certainly hope the best for them. I imagine that Ric Flair will likely make an in-ring appearance before too long to thank the fans in person and to show he’s ok. I’ll continue to keep you updated on this story, but I’m taking Flair’s word on this one. We’ll likely see him in the, “very, very, very, very, very,very near future”, I certainly hope so at least.


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