Major League Baseball

San Francisco Giants Interested In Giancarlo Stanton And Justin Upton

The San Francisco Giants 2017 season is a lost cost but the team is starting their plans for 2018 as they have expressed interest in outfielders Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Upton.

A number of teams have expressed interest in Stanton but the Giants have emerged as the team that has expressed the high most in acquiring the slugger. The Giants pursue of Stanton could be stalled as the team lacks a minor league farm system to send as compensation to acquire him so the Giants had a backup plan and could have success in acquiring Justin Upton from Detroit.

Justin Upton is in a situation where he can opt of his contract with the Tigers at the conclusion of the season. If the San Francisco Giants acquired Upton from the Tigers it would not make much sense as they will only have him for a month until he will able to hit the free agent market, opting out of his current contract. The deadline to make a possible trade will be tomorrow afternoon so we are prepared to be in an interesting 24 hours.

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