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Review of SmackDown 8/29/2017

SmackDown started off with The Singh Brothers introducing WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. As the three stand in the ring, The Singh Brothers begin to beg Mahal to forgive them. They vow to never let Shinsuke Nakamura lay a hand on Jinder ever again and request they be allowed to kiss Mahal’s “royal” feet. The brothers drop down to kiss his feet but are interrupted by the intro of Shinsuke Nakamura!
Nakamura rushes the ring and goes right through both brothers and straight to the champ! Nakamura holds his own but is overtaken by his three foes. Soon though, his partner in the main event Randy Orton runs down to help him! However Orton gets overran by Jinder’s partner in the main event, Rusev! Both Orton and Nakamura lay motionless in the ring as Rusev and Mahal stand over them as Jinder’s music begins to play.
After the break, it’s announced that AJ Styles has offered an open challenge to anyone who wants to face him for his WWE United States Championship. It’s also announced that Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton will go head-to-head next week and the winner will go against Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship! After that, we get ready for the first match of the night.
Match 1: The Ascension vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin
This match was good, we got to see some vintage looking Shelton Benjamin during the bout! Gable and Viktor start the match and after a little, Gable starts to take control. A tag is made and Shelton Benjamin takes over the match. However after just a little bit, Gable is tagged back in. Next Gable nails Konnor but Viktor makes him pay for it quickly!

After a quick break, we come back to see Konnor is now in control of the match. Viktor is tagged back in and he continues to beat down Gable. Gable attempts to recover but he is kept in his opponent’s corner and Konnor is now tagged back in the match. Konnor attempts to slam Gable but Gable escapes the move! Gable goes for a tag but is put to the mat by Konnor again.
Gable dodges a ramming attempt from Konnor and he makes the much needed tag! Benjamin comes in as Viktor is tagged back in and the two go at one another. Konnor comes in to take Benjamin out and he sends him to the ground. Benjamin fights back though and nails Viktor with a kick to the head! Shortly after Gable takes out Konnor and Benjamin finishes Viktor. The winners via pin fall, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin.
Next we see Baron Corbin(where’s his briefcase) talking to Renee Young backstage. Corbin rants for awhile but basically just announces that he is going to, “cash in” on the open challenge from AJ Styles for the WWE U.S. Championship. He insults the fans and then walks off taking us back to break. Will this, “cash in” go better than Corbin’s last one?
Match 2: AJ Styles vs. Tye Dillinger for the WWE United States Championship
After the break AJ Styles makes his entrance and reminds everyone that Kevin Owens can’t go for the WWE U.S. Championship so long as Styles is the champ. Styles offers up the shot at the title to anyone else in the SmackDown locker room, and to everyone’s surprise Tye Dillinger makes his appearance. Baron Corbin confronts him on the stage but after a bit is left at ringside as Tye starts the match with Styles. This would lead to a quick match that Tye never really had a chance at.
After rejecting a “Phenomenal” Forearm from Styles, Tye goes for his signature, “Tye Breaker”. However Styles reverses it and nails Tye with a “Calf Crusher” and gets the quick win. That would lead to a Corbin getting nailed with a forearm from Styles as he attempted to enter the ring. That left Corbin ringside and throwing a fit. All that said, the winner via pin fall and still WWE United States Champion, AJ Styles.
Match 3: Mike Kanellis accompanied by Maria Kanellis vs. Bobby Roode
After coming back from break, this match starts off strong. Roode takes control of this match in the beginning and much to the delight of the crowd. However after a pep talk from Maria, Mike now begins to control the match. Mike continues to stomp Roode until the ref has to break it up and issue a warning to him.
Roode responds with hard chops to Mike Kanellis and Kanellis responds with a hard right hand. Roode rejects the next strike attempt and starts to build up again. Roode nails him with a clothesline and then Kanellis runs face first into the boots of the glorious one. Moments later Roode nails Kanellis with a “Glorious” DDT and gets the easy 1, 2, 3 pin fall win. The winner via pin fall by way of “Glorious” DDT, Bobby Roode.
After that we see Kevin Owens walking backstage. Then we’re told that he will be speaking after the break. After the break the rivalry between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon built up even more. Owens insulted the fans and rants against Shane O’Mac for awhile before being interrupted by Shane. Shane and Owens go back and forth but Shane ultimately makes Owens leave. And with that we go to our fourth match of the night.
Match 4: Sami Zayn vs. Aiden English
For this match Kevin Owens joins the announce team. English takes control of this match to start it off. English keeps control of the match until Zayn kicks out of a pin attempt. After kicking out, Zayn takes control of the bout. Shrtly after Owens begins to argue with the ref that he isn’t doing his job right. As English begins to make a come back, Owens take the ref’s shirt from him. Now Owens begins to ref and Zayn starts to argue with him. English takes advantage of this gets Zayn with a roll up pin. The winner via pin fall by way of roll up pin, Aiden English.
Match 5: The Usos vs. The New Day winners pick a stipulation for title match
This match was great just like every match between these two teams. They would go back and forth during this match and both teams showed great team work. However towards to end of the match the Uso’s began to take control. A blind tag is made and Jey nails Kofi with a roll up pin and a hand full of tights to ensure the win. As a result the Uso’s win this one via pin fall and will now get to choose a stipulation for the title match.
Match 6: Tamina Snuka accompanied by Lana vs. Tina Stock
This match was over super fast. Tina Stock was in complete control to start this bout and looked like we might have a surprise win! However Lana screams over the mic at Tamina to “crush” Tina Stock, and that’s just what she did. Tamina then dominates her opponent for the next few moments before finally finishing her off with a superkick. The winner via pin fall by way of superkick, Tamina.


Fashion Files Promo
Next we have the “season 2 premier” of “The Fashion Files” with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. This “episode” of the pretend show was the same as the ones that lead up to it. Again a deal where we as the viewers are setting there trying to decide what this has to do with wrestling and why we’re watching it. I’m not real sure what was going on during the episode but I have to admit, it is kind of funny. At the conclusion of the comedic mystery episode it is clear that, “all signs point to English”, Aiden English that is. So what does that mean for English and the mystery? It seems that we’ll have to wait till next week to find out.
Main Event: Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jinder Mahal and Rusev
Orton and Nakamura take control of this match early but not for very long. When we come back from break we see Mahal is now in control of the match. Nakamura begins to battle back and desperately needs to make a tag. He finally gets the tag and Orton comes in and starts to clean house! Orton now has control of this match as he beats Mahal from inside to outside and then back inside the ring. Orton sets up another second rope DDT but Mahal refuses to take the move again and Rusev now begins to dominate the match as he comes in.
After Mahal comes back in the match and beats Orton for a few moments, Orton sends him into the corner post and both men are down! Rusev and Nakamura both get tagged in at the same time and the go at immediately. A few minutes later Nakamura has Rusev in an armbar but Mahal breaks it up and saves the match. Orton comes in and tries yet another draping 2nd rope DDT but again Jinder won’t take the move! So Orton forces him to take a standing DDT instead and right after Nakamura nails Rusev with the “Kinshasa” and gets the win! The winners via pin fall by way of “Kinshasa” kick, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura.
But after the match as the two celebrate, Nakamura makes kind of a rookie mistake, he trust Orton. Orton makes him pay as he nails Nakamura with a R.K.O. out of no where! Orton climbs the corner and strikes his signature pose for the fans. Next week’s #1 contender match between Orton and Nakamura is definitely going to be intense now. Both superstars deserve another shot at the title but which one wants it more? We will definitely find out next week when those two go at it.
Walker’s Words of Wisdom
This SmackDown was a good classic SmackDown. It had great matches and promos throughout the night. I think this week’s SmackDown beat this week’s Raw, again! Honestly I would say watch this whole show but I would skip the Tamina vs Tina Stock match, the Sami Zayn vs. Aiden English match, and probably the “Fashion Files” promo even. That said, this was a great SmackDown and I give it a 7 out of 10 because it was great but, the weak match and promo before the main event seemed like bad booking to me. This was a good one though and one you should watch the majority of this time. That said, Raw has to step it up big next week if they want to out do SmackDown. I think Raw needs to add Asuka at least if they want to compete with SmackDown every week.

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