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Sexy Star Facing Banishment From Wrestling!

Recently the wrestler known as Sexy Star was set to compete in the first ever WWE Mae Young Classic. However her recent in ring actions have left her banned from competing in the event. The stunt she pulled has many in the wrestling world requesting that she never be allowed to wrestle again! Her act has left many angry and extremely disappointed in her. So what did she do exactly, I’m glad you ask.

Recently Sexy Star was in a 4-Way Dance Match that she won in a disgusting way. At some point in the match she loses her temper and begins to really injury the other wrestlers. I recently watched footage of the match, and it appears to me that she is hit with a trash can lid or a pizza pan on her elbow or “funny bone”. It also appears that the hit hurts her worse than she thought it should and she starts to look for revenge.

After both other wrestlers left the ring for their own safety, Rosemary bravely nailed Sexy Star with a “spear”. However Sexy Star(terrible name) decides to slap Rosemary hard in the face before pulling her from the top rope! Immediately following, Sexy Star applies an Armbar the wrong way, on purpose in an attempt to seriously injure Rosemary! Then she refused to let go and she caused actual damage to the arm of Rosemary. There is no debating it, Sexy Star purposely injured Rosemary with malicious intent due to her anger problems! A person like that is dangerous and far from a professional.

This terrible stunt goes against wrestling code and is really troubling. Sexy Star has no right to call herself a wrestler at this point and no one with any class should book her! Wrestlers may hurt one another in the ring, but they also trust one another to respect the other wrestler enough to not try to end their career because the get hit too hard! Sexy Star has no place in the wrestling world in my opinion and I hope she is shunned from the wrestling world for this sick attack.

Will Sexy Star be shunned from the world of wrestling? What’s next for Rosemary and how long will she be hurt? Who will take Sexy Star’s place in the Mae Young Classic now? Only time will give us these answers and others that we may have. But no matter what, I’ll definitely be watching how this one plays out and I’ll keep you updated. But for now let’s say no more Sexy Star and get well soon Rosemary.

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