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My Exclusive Interview With Retired Wrestling Champ Camron Star!

Recently I was able to interview a couple people very close to my heart. Growing up I became deeply interested in wrestling. The two people I recently got to interview without a doubt had the biggest impact on my love of wrestling and my knowledge of the world of wrestling. This interview is of Maggie Hasler, born Maggie Brown September 10, 1982 in Bloomington, Indiana. Maggie and her husband Chad (whom I also interviewed) took me to more wrestling events than anyone else in the world honestly. Maggie happens also to be my older cousin and when I got the opportunity to give back with an interview, I had to do it. She had an incredible wrestling career of over 15 years, and now it’s time for you to learn about it.

I started by asking Maggie when and where she was born. She told me as idicated above, she was born September 10, 1982 in Bloomington, Indiana. I then asked her, when did she first get interested in wrestling? She replied, “To be truthful, I thought wrestling was stupid. I couldn’t believe anyone could get into this stuff. Then I was dared to try it because I “probably wouldn’t make it.”” She took that dare as motivation and decided that she would prove her doubters wrong, and she did just that.

I asked her then, when did you first become involved in wrestling? She said, “September of 2001 is when I began training.” I asked what persona or personas did she have during her wrestling career. She told me, ” Most people would know me as Camron Star, which is like me as a person just turned up. When I first started, I was a cheerleader type known as Allie Spirit.”

I then asked, who were your persona or personas modeled after? She said this, “Allie was a bad stereotype of what I thought a good guy should be. Camron is just me unfiltered.” I asked her what promotions she had wreslted for during her career. She said, “CCW, ICW, WWA, NWA Supreme, NWA Midwest. NWA Circle City Wrestling, LSC, BWCW, NWP, Resistance Pro, IWI, NEW, CIW Indy, TNW, WCWO, and tons of others I can’t remember.”

I then asked her when her first title match was. She said, ” I had been training about six months and it was actually against a guy because there were no girls for me to work with.” I asked what made her first fall in love with wrestling. She told me, “Honestly, it’s the ability to do something extraordinary. Not every person can do what we do. Furthermore, going to see me wrestle has been an escape for people. That’s what I love the most.” In support of what she said, watching her and her husband wrestle was definitely and escape for me for many years.

I asked what was the biggest moment of her wresling career. She explained, “Wrestling in front of 500 plus in Indianapolis and hearing all of them boo me out of the building.” I have to say I can relate to that. When I was 12 years old two of my other cousins, my aunt, and myself attended a show in Indianapolis, Indiana where both Camron Star and Brian Klass would be in action. It was a Halloween special and if you dressed like a wrestler, you got in free of charge. So the four of us dressed like Camron Star, Brain Klass, and their partners The Backyard Boyz.

A costume contest was held during the half way break and everyone in costume all stood in the ring to be judged. Everyone was judged by crowd reaction and we happened to be judged last. Everyone else got a decent applause but when it got to us, we got booed big time! The crowd literally booed us out of the ring, but I must say with much laughter as well. It was an awesome feeling to be booed out of a ring at age 12 and the night got better still.



Later that night during the show I was pulled into the ring by Brian Klass and one half of The Backyard Boyz and then given a “side walk slam” from Camron Star! Seconds after I was slammed to the mat, the other half of The Backyard Boyz came to the ring with a steel chair to save me(and to turn Baby Face)! He helped me up and back to my seat to a huge crowd reaction! It was one of the coolest things to ever happen to me and was a night I’ll always remember.

Next I asked her what was the worse injury or injuries she had received from wrestling. She responded, ” Well, my knees are shot now. Multiple tears and strains of the ACLs. I’ve torn my Achilles’ tendon. I’ve had my nose broken five times. I’ve broken all of my fingers. I’ve had separated ribs. Also my neck has been sprained.” Some of those injuries came from high risk moves and others came from poorly trained wrestlers botching a move.

Maggie was a very talented wrestler, and as Camron Star she held multiple titles for multiple promotions and many at the same time! To equate to the “major brands” of wrestling, it would be like if a woman superstar was like the WWE Intercontinental champ, the WWE Raw & SmackDown Women’s champ, the WCW Women’s champ, and the NXT Women’s champ all at the same time. So I had to ask, what was it like to hold multiple titles for multiple promotions at the same time? She responded with, ” I always felt like it was a sign that they believed in me so I felt responsible for making sure I always worked the hardest. I put so much pressure on myself to be the best.”

Camron Star was as bad as they come. She even had an “Insult Bucket” at on point. “The Insult Bucket” was a deal where during the breaks instead of signing autographs she would let you insult her for 60 seconds for a $1.00. But Allie Spirit was the sweetest Baby Face(good guy) a wrestler could be. So I asked her if she preferred being a Heel (bad guy) or a Baby Face. She said, ” Oh Heel for sure because it’s just not believable for me to be sweet and nice.”

I asked who her biggest rival was during her wrestling career. She replied, ” Myself and Miss Heidi (or as you know her now on WWE Ruby Riot) had some good times.” I asked what her favorite match was that she was ever in. She told me, ” Casket Match from New Era Wrestling.” How many female wrestlers do you know can say they’ve been in a Casket Match? Well you at least know of one now.

Alexa Bliss is a wrestler in the WWE and started like Camron Star doing shows all across the Midwest. Also Bliss went from a cheerleader type to the crazy spoiled princess kind of role. So I had to ask, when she sees Alexa Bliss and her career does she see some comparisons between herself and Bliss in some ways. She said, ” There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s easy to be hated when you play bratty. No one likes that. That’s where it ends as far as that goes. I’m a striker, she’s not.”

I then asked her what had prevented her from going to the WWE. She replied, ” I actually declined an offer once. Women’s wrestling then isn’t what it is now. I would’ve been there just to make the models look passable. Opportunities would come my way but the timing was wrong.” During that time she speaks of, “Bra and Panties” matches were a big hit and women wrestlers didn’t get the respect from Vince McMahon and the WWE they do today. It was sadly like she said, just a matter of bad timing.

I asked her how she use to get to each show and if it was difficult. She responded, ” We (her and her husband) drove, Sometimes 9 hours one way. It was hard. There where some times we didn’t get home until the next morning and we both had work. And sometimes we didn’t even have enough money to make it home so we ran our bank account into the negative and ate nothing but speedway hot dogs we got with points.” That answer alone shows you the true passion she and her husband had for wrestling.

I asked her who were the biggest names she had worked with during her wrestling career. She answered, ” I got to be in a spot with Mickie James once. And I was on a show with Chyna right before she passed.” I asked her what she felt wrestling had done for her. She said, ” Wrestling gave me confidence. It taught me to stand up for me no matter what.” Then I asked her what had helped her become a better wrestler than the majority of others and especially females on the independent scene. She told me, ” I never wanted to be “good for a girl.” I wanted to be great. Period. So I trained harder, watched more tapes, talked more, thought more and all around learned more so I could be that much better.”

And finally I asked her what she would say to a kid who dreams of being a professional wrestler. She said, “Here’s the thing: it will not be easy. You will be broke. You will lose friends and other relationships. They will think you are crazy. You will feel lonely sometimes. But you know what? That ten minutes or so in front of a crowd; that time you feel alive will make all of that seem worth it. And it is. You will have to work hard. Listen to people and don’t let people take advantage of you. Stay humble. Stay hungry. Work hard.”

I want to thank Maggie Hasler again for taking the time to do this interview. I also want to say that watching her and her husband wrestle was a great escape for me as a child. I was a child who had no money and was bullied at school but whenever they took me to a show, I was someone. During the show I always felt like an insider and like a V.I.P. Then after some of the shows in Indianapolis they would take me to White Castle to eat, and I would meet the commissioner and/or owners of the promotions and all the best wrestlers at the shows. For that period of time I felt like I was “Mean” Gene Okerlund or even Mr. McMahon himself backstage. And I didn’t feel poor or bullied anymore and it made a huge difference in my life.

The wrestling career of Maggie Hasler started back in 2001 and would go on for the next 15 years until 2016. It was a career that you were blessed if you got to see in person. She brought WWE quality entertainment to every independent show she did and always gave the fans their money’s worth. She was doubted and dared and in the end she used that to motivate her to become a Champion in multiple promotions all through out her epic career. Her career was one I wish all could’ve seen in person at least once. Definitely the most talented female wrestler I have seen in action and in person. And she was better than the majority of the men I’ve seen in person on the independent scene.

I hope this interview helped you learn some about Maggie Hasler and her epic wrestling career. I also hope you read my upcoming interview of her husband who wrestled as Brian Klass. Maggie Hasler had a wrestling career than many dream of having but aren’t willing to work for. You can find many of her matches as Camron Star on YouTube by just searching, “Camron Star”. I hope you take the time to watch some of her awesome matches and I know you’ll enjoy them. Again a huge thank you to Maggie Hasler for her time for this interview and congratulations on a truly incredible career.

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