Mayweather Beats McGregor In Greatest Boxing Match of All Time!


On the night of August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada the mega fight the world had been waiting for finally happened. Two of the greatest fighters of all time, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather jr. Finally met inside the ring for easily the fight of the century! This fight was one of if not the most hyped fight in the history of professional fighting. With that said, let’s get to the action.


First things first, I hate to be the guy to say I told you so but on this one, I did. If you viewed my article, “Mayweather vs. McGregor Weigh-In And Fight Prediction!” then you know what I’m talking about. This fight went down just like I thought it would, from start to finish. That said, this fight was no disappointment in any way, shape, or form.



Round 1

From the beginning McGregor went on the offensive. Mayweather as I predicted played more of a defensive game to start the fight. After some impressive shots from McGregor and a couple warnings to him for illegal blows, round 1 was in the books. Round 1 I would say McGregor won. Round 1 really showed how good a boxer McGregor had become and it showed how much Mayweather loves the sport.

Round 2

Round 2 would again see McGregor start as the aggressor and Mayweather still keep to a mainly defensive game. Mayweather could be seen smiling a few times again in this round, maybe out of enjoyment or maybe as a taunt. Either way McGregor would again win this round but would also be warned again for rabbit punches. This round would also again show the talent McGregor has for boxing and the experience of Mayweather.

Round 3

Round three would be more of the same as before. However Mayweather did seem to throw a few extra shots than he had so far. That said, McGregor would continue to score points and even switch his stance from left to right a couple times. Again McGregor would be told to stop throwing rabbit punches but Mayweather wouldn’t complain at all. After all was said and done, McGregor again won the round. But Mayweather seemed unfazed still.

Round 4

Round 4 was the same again but this time fatigue appeared to be setting in on McGregor. McGregor could be seen breathing a little heavy and through his mouth as oppose to his nose of course. That’s always a good indication a fighter is tiring out and no doubt Mayweather saw it immediately. This was McGregor’s last shot at getting his knock out in four rounds as he had predicted early on. He couldn’t find a way to get it though but he still won the round. So far McGregor has won all four rounds on my score card but it has definitely cost him some energy.

Round 5

Round 5 would be different than the previous four but was still what I predicted would happen. Round 5 Mayweather started to counter strike the now tiring McGregor and landed nice body shots. McGregor seemed to be slowing his own pace down some but still seemed in it. McGregor began to try to regain some of the energy he had used previously and Mayweather used that chance to score some points. Round 5 goes to Mayweather, my card now has McGregor at 4 rounds and Mayweather at 1.

Round 6

We again see McGregor breathing heavy and attempting to regain some stamina this round. Mayweather then of course used the chance to again score some needed points. Mayweather still was mainly focused on counter striking but did begin to set up some combination strikes. Mayweather also began to use more foot work than he had been. Rounds 1 – 5 we saw very little foot work from Mayweather surprisingly. This round was won by Mayweather who was starting to take control of the fight then.

Round 7

Again another round of a counter striking and now jab throwing Mayweather doing damage to a tiring McGregor. Mayweather really began to attack the body of McGregor in this round and was more aggressive than in the previous rounds. McGregor though appeared to have maybe got some energy back after this round. Still though, this round went to Mayweather. So far I have this fight at 4 rounds to 3 with McGregor holding onto the lead by one.

Round 8



Round 8 we saw both fighters really trying to score points. McGregor seemed to have calmed his breathing some and was able to really attack Mayweather at times during this round. Mayweather though also got in some great shots in this round and seemed to switch up his game plan for a third time. All that said, McGregor was able to win this round but just barely.

Round 9

Now is when we began to see Mayweather really lay into McGregor. McGregor wouldn’t be easy to beat though and really hadn’t appeared to have been rocked by a punch yet. That said Mayweather was landing punches that were painful no doubt. Mayweather would start to pull ahead here and would end up winning the round. Both fighters at this point have really shown how great they are.

Round 10

Round 10 is when we saw Mayweather give it what he had. He began to really light up a fatigued McGregor with a series of punches and combination punches. McGregor still standing but appearing very worn out. Mayweather stars to land punch after punch and has McGregor backing up! Mayweather has McGregor on the ropes now and isn’t letting up! And finally the referee jumps in to call the fight due to technical knock out! The winner by way of technical knock out(T.K.O.) via referee stoppage, Floyd “Money” Mayweather!

End of Fight

The American Floyd “Money” Mayweather beats the Irish “Notorious” Conor McGregor in the biggest fight of all time! After the fight McGregor congratulated Mayweather and said it was a great fight and a “bit of fun”. Mayweather set the record for the most wins as a pro boxer at 50 wins and no losses. Mayweather fought some of greatest fighters the boxing world has ever seen during his career and McGregor was a great fighter to end with.

No doubt Floyd Mayweather jr. will go down in history as one of if not the greatest boxer of all time. And I find it very fitting that the greatest boxer of all time(record wise at least) goes out on what could be the greatest fight of all time. McGregor no doubt still has literally a lot of fight left in him no matter what he does next. But for now let’s say thanks and congratulations to Floyd “Money” Mayweather jr. for giving us 50 great fights and a finale to career we’ll never forget.


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