Review of NXT 8/23/2017

Image Rights: WWE/NXT

This night of NXT action starts off with an appearance of No Way Jose. Jose comes down to the ring and starts two different conga lines and begins to really get the fans into it. But suddenly the fun is cut short as Lars Sullivan attacks Jose from behind. The attack sends the conga lines scattering and Jose to the floor. After beating Jose inside and outside the ring Lars made his exit. The trail of destruction left by Lars continues. But at least this week it wasn’t a partner that loss him a match that he destroyed.


After that we are shown some highlights from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. The highlights focus on the Almas vs. Gargano match and even shows Gargano in an interview taking responsibility for his lost. After that we are given some highlights of the Moon vs. Asuka bout and an update on the condition of NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. We are told that she will likely be out for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Does that mean she will be forced to give up her title because she won’t be able to defend it? Only time will tell what will happen there.


Next we go backstage to see WWE UK superstars Pete Dunne and Wolfgang. Pete Dunne is the WWE UK Champion and claims he is why the brand took off. He continues but is cut off by his partner(Wolfgang) in his upcoming match. Wolfgang asked if his partner would give him a title shot after they won their tag match later. Dunne responded with, “Stay focused and don’t get ahead of yourself mate”. With that we cut to our first match of the night.


Match 1: Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce with Billie Kay


This match went back and forth to start but wouldn’t stay that way for long. Royce displayed some unique and impressive chokes using her balance and stretching abilities. A little after that though Logan began to make her comeback! Unfortunately for Logan however, Billie Kay would get involved in this match and that would cost her ultimately. The winner via pin fall Peyton Royce.


After that match we are shown highlights of the SAnity vs. A.O.P. match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. Then we see highlights from what turned out to be Bobby Roode’s last NXT match for a while at least. It was announced on SmackDown that Bobby Roode was the newest member of the SmackDown roster. However we are really shown the debut of Adam Cole and are left to think about that. And we see Roode in an interview say he isn’t done with NXT just yet due to unfinished business with Roderick Strong.


Match 2: Pete Dunne and Wolfgang vs. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate


This match was great and fun to watch. This match had everything from double team moves all the way to a tiger suplex. This match had some heat to it due to the rivalries between the members of the two teams. This match was an absolute battle between the two teams and one that you hated to see come to an end. With that said, Dunne and Wolfgang were able to find an extra spurt of energy at the end of the match and they used it well. Wolfgang got the blind tag and soon after nailed a “diving senton” for the win! The winners via pin fall by way of “flying senton” Pete Dunne and Wolfgang.


Walker’s Words of Wisdom


Honestly this whole NXT can be missed and you won’t miss anything you didn’t see on the P-P-V or on Raw or SmackDown. There were only two matches and neither one was really a must see in my opinion. Both matches were good and the main event was a great match even considering it was just a little over 7 minutes long and had as much action as it did. All that said though, this NXT was basically just a review of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III and really lacked in matches and action. Besides the main event, the whole show was boring really. I would maybe recommend watching the main event just because you don’t often get to see the WWE UK superstars in action and this match gives you that chance. I would give this NXT a 3 out of 10 because there were only two matches and the rest was like watching NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III in fast forward with sound bites.


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