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Review of NXT Brooklyn Takeover III

NXT Brooklyn Takeover III started off with a real bang as the band “Code Orange” started the show with a live performance! This performance immediately gets the show off to literal “rockin'” start. The crowd really gets into during the song. As soon as the performance ends everyone is ready for some NXT action!

Match 1: Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas accompanied by Zelina Vega

The Barclays Center erupted as Johnny “Johnny Wrestling) Gargano made his entrance. Andrade “Cien” Almas would make his way to the ring next as he was accompanied by Zelina Vega. The match starts with a lot of chain wrestling action. The crowd is cheering, “Johnny Wrestling” but is silenced by a back elbow from Almas. The announce team wishes the best for wrestling legend Ric Flair who is still in the hospital. As they announce that, the action continues!

Almas applies an arm crank to Gargano and he begins to apply pressure. However “Johnny Wrestling” escapes the hold! Gargona then nails Almas with a sling shot spear from the outside the ring to the inside. Then he follows up that one with another one but from inside the ring to the outside this time! The two now battle back into the ring and the action continues still.

The two continue to get more intense with the action, each strike seeming to hit with more impact than the last one. The two now begin to counter every move their opponent goes for! After a couple high impact moves from each wrestler, Gargano has Almas in his signature submission the “Gargano Escape”. Just as Almas is about to tap out but he breaks the hold! Gargano now in the corner and setting up Almas for a finisher. Zelina throws a t-shirt at Gargano which distracts him long enough for Almas to attack! Almas delivers the hammerlock DDT for the comeback win. Andrade “Cien” Almas wins via pin fall.


Match 2: The Authors of Pain vs. SAnity for NXT Tag Team Championships

This match started with some serious strategy from SAnity. SAnity attacks the Authors of Pain before they can officially start the match! What that means is that every member of SAnity can be involved in this attack and they won’t get disqualified plus they can’t be counted out yet. After beating the members of A.O.P. for quiet some time, SAnity allows the match to start. However SAnity has one last surprise, Eric Young is replacing Killian Dain in this match!

A.O.P. separates their opponents immediately and are starting to gain control of the match. However a much needed tag is made to Wolfe who comes in and immediately begins to battle back! After a little bit though the action spills out of the ring. Now Nikki Cross and Paul Ellering stand opposite of one another in the ring. As the ref attempts to prevent the two managers from getting into it, Nikki Cross slips right past the ref who is now distracted by Ellering.

Cross climbs to the top rope in the corner and hits Akam with a flying crossbody! However the large A.O.P. member catches Cross in mid-air but as he turns he is rammed through a table by Dain smashing cross between the two giant men! All three lay knocked out cold on the floor outside the ring. As a result Wolfe and Young hit Rezar with a double team neckbreaker for the win! Making the winners by pin fall and now the new NXT Tag Team Champions Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe!

But out of nowhere Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish rush the ring and begin to beat down the new champs. The beat down continues until only O’Reilly and Fish are standing! What does this mean going forward for the new tag team champs? And what does this mean for Fish and O’Reilly going forward? I have a feeling we’ll all find out on the next NXT.


Match 3: Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami comes to the ring very determined and focused. However his entrance is blown away by that of Aleister Black. Black comes down to the ring to his theme song being played live on the stage! He walks through the band as they are playing and seems to be completely unfazed. This match is intense from the start!

Itami gains control of the bout quickly however and constantly demands respect be shown for him through out the bout. Itami even causes Black to bleed from the nose and mouth! Black though begins to make a slow comeback as Itami lands hard outside the ring. But Itami ends that quick with a clothesline!

The action continues to go for some time still. Both superstars go back and fourth but Itami begins to gain control. Itami executes two huge moves but can’t finish the match. Then out of no where, “black mass” kick by Black! The winner by pin fall Aleister Black.


Match 4: Asuka vs. Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship

This match was awesome and an all out battle. Asuka takes control quick with a suplex to Moon on the hard ramp. Asuka gets Moon in the ring and shortly after applies an octopus! She then switches to an armbar and the crowd goes nuts. The action gets more intense and high risk as the match goes on.

After a bit more action Moon builds momentum and is giving Asuka the greatest fight she has had for the NXT Women’s Championship! Asuka, however, attempts an “Asuka lock” but Moon fights it off! Asuka tries a couple tricks but is caught pulling the tights of Moon so the three count doesn’t stand. Asuka though has one more trick in her bag.
Asuka appears to be out cold and Moon attempts to take advantage. But the veteran skills of Asuka come into to play as she shows she was faking and she quickly puts Moon in the “Asuka lock”! It’s not long until Moon is forced to tap out afterwards. The winner and still NXT Women’s Champion is Asuka by way of submission. Moon was cheered as she exited and I must say this was her best match I have seen.


Match 5: Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship

Bobby Roode would make a mistake early as he decides to show off some. McIntyre takes advantage and takes the fight outside the ring! McIntyre slams Roode into the apron hard! But Roode is able to pull off a huge neckbreaker and gains control of the match.
Roode now starts to wear McIntyre down with a slow constant offensive working. Roode is nailed out of no where by the “Future Shock” DDT and almost loses the bout. McIntyre hit Roode with the “Claymore” kick but then a last second foot on the rope saves Roode again! Roode responds with a “Ligerbomb” slam and almost seals the deal.

The action goes back outside the ring again! But not for long this time as Roode takes it back inside the ring. Then boom, two “Glorious” DDTs from Roode but he still can’t end the match! Then McIntyre shocks everyone with a huge “Claymore” kick as he gets up. McIntyre goes for the pin, one, two, three! The winner and new NXT Champion by way of pin fall, Drew McIntyre!

But just as McIntyre begins to celebrate, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly with Bobby Fish rush McIntyre and begin to beat him. After some stomping, O’Reilly and Fish hold McIntyre up as Cole nails him with a super kick! As the event ends, the three men stand in the ring celebrating their destruction. The next NXT is going to be a big one I have a feeling.

Nathan’s Final Thoughts

This pay-per-view was awesome all the way though! I would recommend you watch the whole thing from start to finish. The best match would be a tie between Asuka vs. Ember Moon and Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Roode. Both were title matches and incredible shows for sure. I would give this event a 10 out of 10 because it all went perfect, well except for Kurt Angle mispronouncing Asuka’s name during the pre-show. This event is a must watch for sure.


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