AFC East

Anquan Boldin Retires After 2-Weeks With Buffalo Bills

This is truly a move that comes out of left field. Two weeks ago, Anquan Boldin signed a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills and was set to become the Bills #3 receiver on the depth chart as well as a coach for the very young and talent Bills receiving core due to his veteran-ship in the league.

The Bills are a team that is looking like a team that is prepared for a rebuild. In a matter of weeks, they lose Anquan Boldin as well as trading away Sammy Watkins to the Rams and defensive back Ronald Darby to the Eagles. Our guess is that at age 37, Anquan Boldin wanted to be part of a team that he can contribute to and aid in a big playoff push but the Bills are not a playoff-caliber team in 2017. Prior to signing with the Bills, Boldin said that he has no intentions of retiring anytime soon so this is likely just a ploy to get out of Buffalo and latch on to another team before the season kicks off.

If this is truly the end of Anquan Boldin in the NFL he then ends his career with 1076 receptions for 13,779 receiving yards and 82 touchdowns. We will continue to provide updates if Anquan Boldin does indeed resurface.

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