Review of ONE Championship: Quest For Greatness

On Friday August 17, 2017 ONE Championship returned live from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for their pay-per-view Quest for Greatness. The fights that main lined the event included a Strawweight bout between Robin Catalan and Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke. It also included the lightweight debut of former ONE Welterweight World Champion Nobutatsu Suzuki. And last but not least the main event of the card, the ONE Featherweight World Championship would be on the line between Martin Nguyen and the champ Marat Gafurov. So let’s get straight to the action.


Fight 1: Robin Catalan vs. Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke

The fights start with a Strawweight bout between Robin Catalan and Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke. To start the fight a hard scoop slam from Catalan gets the crowd pumped! The slam takes the two to some ground grappling but seems to have focused both fighters a little bit at least. As the first round is coming to an end Catalan scores anther successful take down and even manages to escape a Heel Hook attempt. The first round clearly appeared to go to Catalan as far as scoring goes.

Round two opens up, this time with Dejdamrong being the aggressor. He engages in a clinch with Catalan and delivers a serious of devastating knees. Catalan now beyond dazed can’t handle the succession of knees and he falls to mat. Dejdamrong is waved off by the ref and the fight is over! With 46 seconds left in the 2nd round the winner is Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke by way of technical knock out(T.K.O.) due to knees.


Fight 2: Ann Osman vs. May Ooi

The next fight of the night was another Strawweight but this time in the Women’s division. Ann Osman took on May Ooi in a match with a twist had to have predicted. Early in the first round Osman drops Ooi with a right and then quickly jumps on her and follows up with more punches! Ooi has recovered slightly from being rocked and manages to get back up after some grappling.

Now both fighters back on their feet with a little over half of the first round still remaining. Ooi shoots for a take down, she gets it! Ooi takes side control but she can’t seem to be able to finish the fight from that position. Ooi is able to pass though and now takes the back of Osman, she has Osman in a Rear-Naked Choke! Osman taps out and Ooi gets gets the comeback win by way of submission due to Rear-Naked Choke with 3:27 left in the first round.


Fight 3: Gianna Subba vs. Riku Shibuya

The third fight of the night would be in the Flyweight weight class. From the start of the fight Subba has the crowd cheering for him. As a result he is able to take Shibuya to the ground. Shibuya though manages to get back to his feet and now he executes a single leg take down! Shibuya and Subba would both scramble for the better position but it would be Subba who would end the round with a spinning elbow. Hard to say who won the first round.

Round two starts off a little more slow with a lot more grappling. Both fighters manage to get back to their feet we’re about half way through the round but a strike to the groin of Subba temporally stops the fight. After Subba felt recovered enough the fight starts back up. Shibuya goes high with a serious of kicks and now shoots for another single leg take down! This time pinning Subba against the cage wall. Now Subba gets back up and scores a take down of his own! Subba lands a knee as the two scramble to their feet and it rocks Shibuya! Two submission attempts later and the round comes to an end. Again this round it’s hard to say who took this one.


The third round starts but this time with no glove touch. The two go the ground but they don’t stay there. Both fighters now standing, exchange strikes a few times but Subba would get the best of the exchanges. The two go to the ground again and Subba is able to score some great body shots from the bottom. The round ends and the fight will be decided by the judges scorecards. The decision is in, and the winner is Gianna Subba by way of unanimous decision.


Fight 4: Kevin Belingon vs. Reece McLaren

Early in this match McLaren decides to show off a little bit. But he pays for it as he is dropped by hard right from Belingon who immediately goes into malicious ground and pound punches! And the ref jumps in to call the fight. The winner is announced, the winner is Kevin Belingon by way of knockout with 1:02 left in the first round.


Fight 5: Agilan Thani vs. Sherif Mohamed

The 5th fight of the night was a Welterweight bout. The fight starts and Thani and Mohamed are really going at it. The fighters are both back up and continue to go at one another at the same pace they started with! The two fighters go to the ground and back up a couple times before the round ends.

The second round starts and Thani hits Mohamed in the groin causing the fight to stop temporally for Mohamed to recover. As the fight resumes Thani ends up on top of Mohamed. Thani takes the back of Mohamed and attempts to flatten him out. Thani gains a full mount with three minutes left in the round. For the next three minutes Mohamed was able to survive strikes and submissions from Thani. The second round goes to Thani easily.
The third round starts and Thani lands a flying knee! Then Thani slams Mohamed and once again moves into full mount. The two would then transition through multiple ground positions and Thani would land several strikes. Time would expire in the fight and the judges would decide the winner of this one. The winner of this one, Agilan Thani by way of Unanimous Decision.


Fight 6: Ev Ting vs. Nobutatsu Suzuki

This fight is the co-main event of night. This one starts and the two exchange punches and kicks from the get go. Ting throws a cartwheel kick by it doesn’t land. Suzuki tries to stick to the basic but Ting is looking for the highlight finish! Now Ting switches it up and and goes for a take down. Ting slams Suzuki and begins to ground and pound! Not long after the ref breaks it up. The winner of the fight, Ev Ting by way of technical knockout(T.K.O.) with 3:29 left in round one.


Fight 7: Marat Gafurov vs. Martin Nguyen

This is the main event and the second bout between Gafurov and Nguyen. This one starts with a huge left from Gafurov. Shortly after that Nguyen is on the ground taking big hits from Gafurov and now gives up his back. Gafurov goes for a rear-naked choke but Nguyen escapes and both fighters are back on their feet! The two go back and forth with strikes and combination strikes. Gafurov scores a take down but they don’t stay down long. Both score major points but Gafurov wins this round.

Round two starts off and Gafurov clings to Nguyen quickly. He attempts to take Nguyen to the ground but fails. Nguyen now lands a massive overhand right and sends Gafurov face first to the mat! The ref jumps in as fast as he can to prevent any further damage to Gafurov. By way of knockout (K.O.) with 1:27 left in the first round, the winner and new ONE Championship World Fetherweight Champion Martin Nguyen!

After the fight new champion Martin Nguyen shows the former champ respect. After that Martin Nguyen dedicates the win and the fight to his late father. This event was epic and full of action! And there are few better ways the event could have ended than with the epic knockout in the main event to crown a new champion! We’ll all continue to follow ONE Championship Fighting and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I’ll definitely be here to cover the next epic ONE Championship Fighting event.


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