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Review of NXT 8/16/2017

The night of NXT action started with NXT General Manager William Regal standing in the middle of the ring. He calls both Ember Moon and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka down to the ring. Both superstars make their entrance and then stand at opposite ends of a table in the ring. Regal presents the contract on the table for the two to sign to make their title match confirmed. However, before signing the contract Ember Moon had something she wanted to say.

Moon began by saying that Asuka has had an, “epic ride” in NXT and has been one of the greatest champions in the WWE. But Moon then noted that Asuka has taken “shortcuts” with her. Then Moon thanked Asuka for, “making her (Ember Moon) better” than she has ever been before. And then Moon announced that she was going to beat the undefeated streak of Asuka and become the NXT Women’s Champion! After Moon’s rant, both superstars sign the contract, but Asuka isn’t finished.

Asuka signed the contract and immediately began to rant in her native language. And though I don’t know what she said, I do know it was intimidating and she meant it! She would end her rant by getting in the face of Ember Moon and holding the title just inches from Moon’s face. One thing is for sure, their match at NTX Brooklyn Takeover III is going to be intense!


Earlier In The Day

NXT cuts to a video from earlier in the day. The video shows NXT GM William Regal talking to someone off camera. His conversation is interrupted however by Lars Sullivan walking in with a request. Lars request one more shot at a tag team match. Lars admits he knows he’s been “bad” but he’ll be “good” if given another shot. Lars was referring to his recent history of destroying his partner after a loss, much like wrestling legend Cactus Jack use to do, as him being “bad”. After a small discussion about it, Regal agrees to make the match happen. But Regal makes it clear that if Lars and his partner should lose that Lars shall not harm his partner in anyway in the ring.


First Match: The Street Profits (Dawkins and Ford) vs Chris Silvio and Lars Sullivan

This match started off with a little disagreement between Lars and Chris Silvio. Lars was set to start the match off for his team but just before the match started, Silvio runs from their corner over to attack the Street Profits to start the match. Silvio pays greatly for that as he runs face first into a Street Profit boot! From that point on in the tag team bout, it was the Street Profit show. After the boot from the Street Profits, they would do a series of devastating tag team moves to Silvio. They wisely never let Silvio make the tag to Lars and they win the match via pin fall after their “Sky High & Frog Splash” combo in just 100 seconds! After the win the now 2-0 Street Profits high tailed it out of there as Lars appeared to be a bit upset you might say.

After the match Lars threw his badly beaten partner over his shoulder to carry him back to the locker room. NXT was about to cut to a break but received word that something was happening backstage. The cameras cut to Lars carrying Silvio down a hall and out a side door. Lars then began to beat Silvio badly as a NXT official attempted to break up the beating. The beating came to an end as Lars throws Silvio into a nearby dumpster.


Second Match: Billy Kay accompanied by Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riot

This match was a week in the making. Not much happened in this match really though. Ruby was able to beat the games of Billy Kay and she got the win because of that. However as Riot makes her exit she is stopped briefly. Peyton Royce stops Rudy by screaming at her over a microphone. Royce would rant on very briefly but end her rant by telling Riot that she will never be great and she’ll never be remembered.


A.O.P. vs. SAnity Promo

After coming back from a break the announce team goes over the official fight card for NXT Brooklyn Takeover III. After that we are shown a video promoting the bout between SAnity vs. A.O.P. briefly. The promo hypes the PPV tag team match between the two teams going into NXT Brooklyn Takeover. A.O.P. claims they are more than ready for SAnity and any tricks they may have. When these two teams met again, it’s going to get ugly.


Main Event: Roderick Strong vs. Drew McIntyre

This match had a lot riding on it for Roderick Strong. If Strong wins he goes on to face the NXT Champion for the title after NXT Brooklyn Takeover. This match was awesome! We got to see everything from kicks up to a reverse Alabama Slam in this match! This match just continued to get better and better the longer it went on! However like all great things, this had to come to an end. That said, nobody saw the match ending the way it did.

After both superstars had worn themselves down and both were down, they recieved a surprise. NXT Champion Bobby Roode was the surprise they received. Roode beat both wrestlers terribly, starting with Strong. The official ruling on the match was a “no contest”. It is unclear at this time if Strong will get a title shot, a rematch for a title shot, or if he’ll get anything at all. What is clear, both Strong and McIntyre are hungry for revenge against Roode.

But what does this mean for Roode going forward? And what does it mean for Strong and McIntyre going forward? What will happen at NXT Brooklyn Takeover between Roode and McIntyre? Could there be a possible 3-way dance in their future? Like always, we have several questions but have to wait for the answers. One thing we do know is, this Saturday at NXT Brooklyn Takeover we’re going to get some of those answers.



Nathan’s Final Thoughts

I think that considering this is the last NXT until NXT Brooklyn, this one really lacked. The second match of the night really lacked energy and Rudy Riot looked more like someone on the independent scene than a WWE pro. And in the first match, the tag team of Lars Sullivan and Chris Silvio never even made a single tag. What that meant was that no one got to see the guy the whole match made for even enter the contest. So to me, not having Lars in the match after making the match for Lars, almost ruined the match despite awesome moves from the Strret Profits.

All that said, the main event was epic! The match was so good that I didn’t even mind the interference at the end. I have to say that the rivalry triangle between Strong, McIntyre, and Roode reminds me a lot of the rivalry between Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit. Some of us still remember super epic match at WrestleMania XX that the first rivalry lead to, what’s in store for the history of this triple rivalry? Overall I would say watch the Asuka/Ember Moon contract signing (it was epic) and then skip to the main event. I would give this NXT a rating of 5 and a half out of 10 due to it being almost below average but having good promos and an awesome main event.


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