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SmackDown Review For 8/15/2017

SmackDown tonight started with the Singh Brothers introducing WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Mahal explained that it was India’s Independence Day thus a reason to celebrate. As a result, Mahal brings out music performers and dancers to celebrate. He then began to rant on but was cut short by the entrance of his opponent at SummerSlam, Shinsuke Nakamura! The two would confront one another but decided to wait until SummerSlam to put hands on each other.


After that confrontation  the announce team gave us an update on the condition of Ric Flair. Right after the update, Naomi makes an entrance. She would join the announce team and watch the next match from there. Why would Naomi do that you may ask? Simple, the next was between Becky Lynch and Natalya. But before that match, a quick break.


First Match: Natalya vs. Becky Lynch

This match started with Becky and Natalya going back and forth with one another. However Lynch would begin to ease into control of the match. Lynch begins to build momentum and nails Natalya with an huge enziguri! But when Lynch attempts to seal the win with a leg drop, she misses! Natalya would cease that opportunity to put Lynch into a sharpshooter. After Natalya really locked it in, Lynch was forced to tap out! This wins give Natalya great momentum as she challenges for the title.


After the match had ended already, Natalya goes back in for another sharpshooter on Lynch. But quickly Naomi comes to the rescue of Lynch and she saves her from the 2nd submission assault. But then Carmella makes an entrance to deliver a little message to all competing at SummerSlam. Carmella wishes everyone luck at SummerSlam but reminds everyone that she is “Miss Money in The Bank”.


After that whole scene, we go back to the announce team who show us video highlighting the feud between Kevin Owens and WWE United States Champion A.J. Styles. The video ends after showing the accidental kick delivered to Shane McMahon by Styles. We then go to a live shot of Tamina and Lana in the locker room area. Tamina screams at Lana and demands to know why she doesn’t have a match. Lana explains it’s because no one “fears” Tamina anymore. Lana then goes on to convince Tamina to follow her, claiming if she does they will be unstoppable.


We would then see the Usos meet with Daniel Bryan backstage. Bryan assumed it was to ask him to join the Uso’s rap group and assured them his rap abilities were “sick”. But the Usos would let him know quickly that was not what they were there for at the time but said “maybe later” on him joining. The Usos wanted to know who of New Day they were facing at SummerSlam and if Bryan could, “hook them up” with a match with against New Day before the end of the night. Bryan informed them(and us) that they would face Xavier Woods and Big E Sunday at SummerSlam for the WWE SmackDown World Tag Team Championships and they would face Woods and Kofi Kingston later on SmackDown.


Second Match: Chad Gable vs. Rusev

This match would be over quick, lasting only 75 seconds! Rusev would gain control fast but was disrupted when Gable nails him with a huge overhead belly to belly superplex. Rusev would slid out of the ring and was followed by Gable shortly after. This would be a mistake for Gable as he was then thrown into the steel stairs and then over the announce table by a crazed Rusev! As Rusev stands over Gable the bell is rung and the match is ruled a double count out. Rusev wasn’t done and applied the, “Accolade” submission to Gable on top of the announce table!

After releasing Gable from his grip Rusev motioned for a microphone and then he climbed into the center of the ring. He paused briefly and then just as he went to speak, R.K.O. out of no where! Randy Orton just nailed Rusev with his signature move the R.K.O.! After talking a little trash over the top of the knocked out Rusev, Orton posed for the fans and motioned for the crowd to get louder. They would cut to another break as Orton posses once more.


A.J. Styles Apologizes

After the break A.J. Styles makes his way to the ring. Styles ask for Shane McMahon to come out to the ring as well. After Shane enters the ring he tells Styles that Styles doesn’t need to apologize to him for an accident. Shane assures Styles that he will call the match fairly but told Styles, “if you lay hands on me again, I’ll lay hands on you.”. But before Shane O’Mac could say anymore he was cut off by the sound of the music for Kevin Owens.

Owens makes his way to the top of the ramp and informs everyone that he doesn’t believe that it was an accident when Styles hit Shane with the “Pelee Kick”. After that Owens gets in the ring to shake the hand of Shane to show he knows that Shane will call the match fairly. Shane tells Owens that he wouldn’t shake his hand until after his match at SummerSlam but suggested he shake hands with Styles. Owens then attempted to shake hands with Styles but Styles refused to do so.

As a result a shoving match started between Owens and Styles. Shane attempted to break it up but in doing so was nearly punched by Styles. Shane Caught the punch from Styles and began to question if it was on purpose or not. As that happen Owens had got in position to deliver a serious super kick to the face of Styles. But as Owens went for the kick Styles ducked out of the way and instead Shane McMahon was nailed by the kick from Owens! In a panic Owens flees from the ring leaving Shane on the mat and Styles waiting for more.


Third Match: The Usos vs New Day


This match was a battle though out it’s entirety. This would be the final time these two teams will meet until Sunday at SummerSlam for the WWE SmackDown World Tag Team Championships. As a results both teams would be aggressive but would still wisely not risk too much. After it looked like the New Day might have gained control of the match finally, the Uso’s went to the next level. They were able to hit Xavier Woods with duel Super-kicks which secure them the pin fall win.


Fashion Peaks Finale


The finale to Fandango and Tyler Breeze’s Fashion Peaks was strange to say the least. Fandango expressed concerns he may have been probed by an alien, in his head of course. Breeze insist they must solve the mystery to prove themselves. The Ascension even made an appearance and returned pie for some reason. As they go to consume the pie they find inside the pie is a hair, a band-aid, and a note. The note reads, “Two B” and we learn they will be back in to weeks to solve the mystery. But for now the mystery continues.


Main Event: John Cena vs. Jinder Mahal


This match was fit to be a main event that no one could have seen the end of coming. After Mahal and Cena would battle it out for several minutes, the match was called due to a disappointing DQ. The DQ was called after Baron Corbin interfered with the match. The call would give Cena the win but wouldn’t end the action for the night.


Money In The Bank Cash In Match for the WWE Championship: Baron Corbin vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal


This match was the fastest of the night, just five seconds! Immediately after cashing in the Money In The Bank, Corbin became distracted by John Cena. This would cost Corbin dearly in a matter of seconds. As Corbin was distracted by Cena, Mahal grabbed Corbin and put him in a roll up pin. One, two, three, and just like that Corbin’s Money In The Bank is gone! You can expect some serious pay back to be dealt out at SummerSlam when Corbin and Cena get in the ring to go one on one.


Nathan’s Final Thoughts


These are my final thoughts on SmackDown this week. This SmackDown was great but at times did lack. I thought SmackDown started off great but started to lose it right after the Usos vs New Day match. The Fashion Peaks Finale was basically pointless honestly. It was suppose to be the finale but we found out they would be back in two weeks to solve the mystery, so how was it a finale?

The Gable vs Rusev match was great but was cut too short by the double count out. And the confrontation between Kevin Owens and A.J. Styles is worth watching also. It’s hard for me to say the best match of the night but the worst match was Baron Corbin vs. Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship as a result of Corbin cashing in Money In The Bank. It lasted five seconds and the only move was a roll up pin. I would say for sure watch up to the end of the Usos vs New Day match but if you quit watching after that, you won’t really miss anything great.

This was a great SmackDown but due to it’s less than impressive end and due to the five second championship match, I can’t give it a 10 out of 10. But this SmackDown was full of great promos and did do a great job of hyping up SummerSlam. Having said that, it seemed the crowd never got fully into it and the energy level seemed effected. In my opinion, Raw had SmackDown beat this week as far as overall entertainment goes. I would give this SmackDown a final grade of 8 out of 10 this week. Great SmackDown for sure though, now I can’t wait for Sunday(SummerSlam)!

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