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Review Of Raw 8/14/2017

Raw started off tonight with a video that showed the recently developing reuniting situation between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. After the video Dean Ambrose made his was to the ring. He would immediately get to the point and he ask Seth Rollins to come down to the ring. Rollins did as he was asked by Ambrose and the two met in the ring. Ambrose began to tell Rollins just what he thought about the whole thing.

Ambrose told Rollins that he was tired of Rollins turning his back on him. But Rollins reassured Ambrose that he was done playing games and that he believed Ambrose and himself could run things if they teamed up. Rollins stated that by themselves they are nearly unstoppable, but together the could dominate. Rollins offers a fist bump but Ambrose doesn’t accept it. Ambrose says there is no way he’ll accept that from Rollins after what happened last week.

Rollins and Ambrose talk for a good while in the ring. Finally Rollins decides he’s wasting his time and he turns to exit the ring. But Ambrose grabs him and turns him back around! Ambrose extends his fist in an attempt to fist bump Rollins. But Rollins denies it this time. The two then begin to shove one another and tempers begin to flare. Finally Ambrose shoots for a take down on Rollins and slams him to the mat!

The two roll around punching one another and break apart briefly. However when Ambrose attempts to leave, Rollins attacks him this time! The two begin to roll around punching each other again. But as the two spill out of the ring, Cesaro and Sheamus run down to cease the moment. They immediately separate Ambrose and Rollins by beating Ambrose and tossing him over the barricade.

Then they tossed Rollins back in the ring and began to stomp him. The two became so focused on beating Rollins, they forgot about Ambrose. Ambrose comes back in and tries desperately to help Rollins. But he is over come by the two on one attack and Cesaro pinned him to the mat and began to beat the back of Ambrose’s skull.

Again Sheamus and Cesaro become too focused on thier beating. Rollins this time attacks Sheamus with a flying cross body take down! Then a pair of double clotheslines takes both Sheamus and Cesaro out of the ring and leaves both Rollins and Ambrose standing in the ring. Ambrose and Rollins look at one another and fist bump showing they are reunited finally!

But before anything else can happen, Raw GM Kurt Angle came out to the top of the stage. He announced it is official, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will battle Sheamus and Cesaro at WWE Summer Slam for the WWE Tag Team Titles! This shocked Sheamus and Cesaro but made the fans erupt! After that Raw cut to commentary and a brief break. After the break, we were told the surgery that Ric Flair received today was a success. All wish the wrestling legend the best and to get well soon.

Next was the number one contender’s match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. It was Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks in an all out battle for that bout. Alexa Bliss sat ringside to watch the match but never would get involved. Nia would gain control of the match about mid way through after bouncing Sasha off the barricade outside the ring. However “The Boss” got a second wind it seemed towards the end of the war of a match.

Sasha began to fight back with everything she had left. Twice Jax almost sealed the win with devastating Samoan Drop only for Banks to kick out of both! Sasha was pushed to her absolute limits but was able to apply her signature, “Bank Statement” cross face to Jax in the middle of the ring. Nia though wouldn’t tap, she instead pulled herself and Banks towards the ropes. But just as Jax was about to grab the ropes, Banks switches sides and prevented the rope break. Jax shortly after that tapped out making Sasha banks the number one contender for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. It will now be Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss at Summer Slam for the title!

We then saw Raw GM Kurt Angle who was watching the match backstage talking to the Hardy Boyz. Their conversation though was cut short by the Miztourage, Maryse, and Miz himself. However just as that confrontation was about to boil over, WWE Referee Shawn Bennett runs up to Angle and informs him that there is a problem between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. They both take off to the scene and they take another commercial break.

When they come back from break, Wyatt and Balor are going at it backstage! It takes Fit Finlay, Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble, and multiple WWE refs to pull the two apart! Raw GM Kurt Angle is furious with the two and announces that their Summer Slam had just come early. Angle told them to get ready because their match was happening coming up on Raw!

Elias Samson is then cut to as he prepares to play a song about his day walking around the city of Boston, Mass.(where Raw was at). It was a very rude and insulting song that luckily was cut short by R-Truth. However just as R-Truth attempts to enter the ring, he is attacked by Elias! Shortly after the attack begins Samson nails R-Truth with Samson’s signature “Drift Away”. Elias then calmly grabbed his guitar and walked out.

The shark cage that Enzo Amore is going to be locked in during the match between current partner the Big Show and former partner Big Cass is lowered to the ring. Big Cass shows up just after and begins to talk bad about Enzo and Big Show until Enzo emerges at the top of the ramp to interrupt Cass. After some trash talk back and fourth between the two, Cass challenged Enzo to enter the ring. Enzo refused to do so, but his partner the Big Show was more than willing to get in the ring.

Shortly after Big Show enters the ring, Big Cass knocks Enzo off the ring to the ground. Then Gallows and Anderson show up to help Cass and before too long the three were stomping Big Show. The three then tied a strap to Big Show’s arm and used it to hold his arm in place as they slammed the cage door on his arm. They then began to stomp the arm of the Big Show in an attempt to break his arm to eliminate his finisher “The Knock Out Punch” from his move list. Enzo tried to save his partner but received a boot to the face instead.

They then went to another break but when they came back from the break it was time for some Cruiserweight action. Akira Tozawa took on Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. This match was very fast paced and was fun to see. The match went back and fourth through out. Though Neville would begin to get the upper hand.

Towards the end of the match, Neville applied the “Rings of Saturn” neck crank to Tozawa. However, Tozawa was able to reverse the move for a failed pin attempt. Then Neville would go for “the Red Arrow” but it was a rare miss! It would be that miss that would give Tozawa the energy needed to set up for a super high Diving Senton for the win! Making Akira Tozawa the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

After the next break, we go back to the Big Show and his condition. We see Big Show backstage with Enzo and a medic and his arm are wrapped up. The medic informs Big Show that his hand is likey broken. This may not be as bad for Big Show as you may think though. One of two things will happen now at Summer Slam. Either Big Show won’t be able to use his hand during the match, in which case Cass’s attack was worth it. Or Big Show will show up with a big cast on his hand and then that punch will hurt a lot worse. Will Big Show be in big trouble? Or will it be more like Big Cass vs the Big Cast?

After that Mickie James and Emma are shown backstage. Emma complains until James has heard enough. James sets Emma straight with a few harsh words and tells her if she still has a problem they can settle it in the ring. But before things got too heated, Emma storms off in anger. What does that mean going forward?

Then all of a sudden, darkness descends and the fire flies come out. Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring and we get set for Bray vs Finn Balor. This match was a great battle and was unpredictable through out. And even though the match was great, it’s what happened after the match that has everyone talking.

Wyatt would win the match by pin fall after hitting Balor with his “Sister Abigail”. After getting the win Wyatt would repeat his signature finisher to Balor. Then the lights go out again, and when they come back on Wyatt has a bucket in his hand and Finn is setting up in the corner. Wyatt approaches the down Balor and announces loudly, “This is what happens when you send a boy to do the Devil’s work!”. And with that Wyatt spills the bucket onto Balor.

The contents of the bucket appeared to be blood. By the end of it all Balor was covered with the red liquid. As Balor squirmed and screamed in pain from the liquid apparently getting in his eyes and burning his skin, Wyatt sat in the corner of the ring laughing and singing. They then cut to another commercial break.
After the break, we are told the liquid was not blood but was actually a “hibiscus acidic liquid”, what ever that is. We were also given a recap of the night to that point and what was to come next. Next was the match between Mickie James and Emma.

This match was a quick one. Emma had control for much of the match but couldn’t get the job done against James. James would absorb much abuse through the match but would take control when needed most. Close to the end of the match, James gained control. She sat Emma up for the Mickie Kick and gets the easy 1,2,3 pin fall win.

After the next break, we find out that Balor will get his rematch against Wyatt at Summer Slam. But this time he will be “The Demon” instead of his normal self. We also get set for the match between Jason Jordan vs the Miz. However, that match was cut short by a DQ win for Jordan. It also would set up the next match which became the Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan vs the Miztourage and Miz.

This match was set up as the Hardy’s showed up to save Jordan from the Miztourage. This match quickly became an all out war! Action was going on all over the place and it was some time before either team began to gain control of the match. The Miztourage and Miz were malicious with their attacks at times during the match. But it would take more than that to win this match.

As the match wore on the Hardy’s and Jordan began to get the upper hand in the fight. The Hardy’s concentrated on the Miztourage as Miz and Jordan battled it out. Towards the final moment of the match, Jeff Hardy would less seal the deal by nailing a vintage Jeff Hardy “Whisper in The Wind” corkscrew take down. Immediately following, his brother Matt nails a “Twist of Fate” that set up for an amazing “Swanton Bomb” from the top rope by Jeff Hardy! After that Jeff gets the win via pin fall. Making the winners, the Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan.

And finally, it was time for the face-to-face-to-face-to-face confrontation between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Samoe Joe, and Bruan Strowman. However, as we came back from break we see Raw GM Kurt Angle again. This time he is ringside with a lot of security around the ring. Angle claimed he had the security there because he knew something would likely “break loose”.

Brock Lesnar is announced and he comes to the ring with manager Paul Heyman. Heyman grabs the mic and begins to rant. He reminded everyone that if Lesnar loses at Summer Slam, they both are leaving the WWE! Hayman went on to explain that he and Lesnar felt it unfair to the champ(Lesnar) and the fans to have the title up for grabs in a fatal 4 way. Hayman then told us that Summer Slam will have one of two things happen. Hayman also claimed he doesn’t make predictions, he gives spoilers.

Heyman said, “One, the conspiracy is successful and they rip the title away from my client, Brock Lesnar and Paul Hayman leave the WWE forever, and if that’s the case, I assure you, you might as well lock the Beast up in a cage now, hint hint. Scenario number two, Brock beats Braun Strowman or Samoa Joe or Roman Reigns and proves to the entire world what I have known this entire time, that in fifteen years of flapping my gums, I’ve only undersold the greatness of the athlete that stands before you tonight. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that’s my case for everyone to subscribe to the WWE Network for Summer Slam.”

Shortly after that, the other three wrestlers make their way to the ring. It was tense but all was calm until Roman showed up and without a word “speared” Joe. After that, all hell broke loose in the ring. Strowman threw Roman out of the ring and then immediately the security jumped in as Strowman and Lesnar began to go at one another. This would continue until the locker room would empty in an attempt to separate the four superstars. The show ended with Lesnar and Strowman trying to kill one another in the ring as Joe and Roman went at it on the outside of the ring.

So with this being the last Raw before Summer Slam we still have to ask a few things. What will happen on Smackdown? What will happen with Big Show and his hand? Will Sasha Banks be able to do what her friend Bayley couldn’t do and beat Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship? Will the Demon be able to do what Balor alone couldn’t do and beat Bray Wyatt? And of course, who will leave Summer Slam as the WWE Universal Champion and what will happen with Brock Lesnar? We will know all these things plus if we have a new WWE World Champion this Sunday, August 20, 2017, at WWE Summer Slam!


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