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Gonzalez vs. Gillespie UFC Fight Night 116!

Recently a match was added to the fight card of UFC Fight Night 116: Pittsburg that has a lot of people excited. It has been announced that Jason Gonzalez will take on the undefeated Gregor Gillespie in a lightweight bout. UFC Fight Night 116: Pittsburgh will take place Saturday September 16, 2017. Many great fights were already on the card for that night, however the addition of the Gonzalez vs. Gillespie fight makes the card a lot more interesting. Let’s go over why this fight is one to watch.
Let’s start with going over what Jason Gonzalez brings to the fight. Gonzalez has a record of 11 wins and 3 losses. However in his first two UFC fights, he was only able to win one of them. That said, Gonzalez has only had two fights go past the first round and he went undefeated in the Gladiator Challenge. Gonzalez will definitely have a challenge though on September 16, 2017 as he battles Gregor Gillespie.
Now let’s talk about Gregor Gillespie. Gillespie is undefeated with a record of 9 wins and no losses. He has fought twice in the UFC and defeated both Andrew Holbrook and Glaico Franca in those two fights. Gillespie also holds an impressive win over Sidney Outlaw, and has only had two fights go to the final round. And now it’s official, Gillespie will put his undefeated streak on the line at UFC Fight Night 116.
This fight should be a good one to watch. Both fighters like to go for early wins and will likely do so when the face one another. What that means is, expect an exciting fight. Will Gonzales be the first to put a loss on the record of Gillespie? Or will Gillespie extend his winning streak to double digit? One thing we do know, there’s now one more great fight to come during UFC Fight Night 116: Pittsburgh.


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