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Ezekiel Elliott Suspended First 6 Games!

August 11, 2017 Dallas Cowboys’ superstar starting running back Ezekiel Elliott was officially suspended from the NFL for the first six games of the season. This suspension has sparked a lot of outrage from Cowboys fans and all football fans in general. The reason for the displeasure of NFL fans is due to Elliott being suspended for something he has never been arrested for or charged with even. Plus NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell suspended Elliott for longer than other player who was found guilty of such an act. The act being domestic violence which of course violates the NFL’s “Domestic Violence Policy “. Due to the unfair treatment of Elliott, people are again questioning the abilities of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell previously suspended Ray Rice four games for an act of domestic violence that was captured on video. The video shows Rice and a female begin to fight in an elevator. Ultimately it shows Rice Knocking the female unconscious after he punches her in the face and she hits her head on the rail in the elevator. However for that, Rice received only a four game suspension. Yet Elliott, who has no evidence against him and wasn’t arrested or charged for anything received a six game suspension for the same violation.

Even after a judge said there was no evidence to convict Elliott on. And even after witnesses stated that they heard the woman scream several times, “I’m going to ruin your career”. Rodger Goodell still felt that he needed to investigate the matter privately. He insisted on a board of four individuals to decide if physical assault had in fact happened. Goodell’s board of four and himself decided that enough evidence exist of physical assault that Elliott was guilty of violating the NFL’s “Domestic Violence Policy”. As a result, Goodell issued the six game suspension to Elliott.

Those actions by Goodell have left many with a lot of questions. Fans want to know, why suspend Elliott longer than Rice and others for the same violation? Why investigate something a court system has already confirmed didn’t happen? What evidence does Goodell have to find Elliott guilty that a judge wouldn’t have? Is this more evidence of the mistreatment of NFL players and teams by Goodell? And will Elliott try to fight the suspension?

What we do know is this, this is a very big deal. The six game lost of a superstar starter like Elliott will greatly impact the entire season for the Dallas Cowboys and the entire NFL. We know that Elliott was proven innocent in a court of law of the action. But what we want to know is, why suspend a player for a longer period of time for the same act? And we want to know, why punish an innocent person? We might get those answers in the next three days.

Elliott has just three days to decide if he is going to fight the suspension. I believe that Elliott will likely try to fight the suspension if given the go ahead by Dallas Cowboys Owner and recent NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Jones. If Elliott misses the first six games of the regular season, it would almost definitely kill the momentum the Cowboys have worked so hard to build. It would also greatly effect the play style and play calls for the Cowboys offense. It likely would even effect the play of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott who relied heavily on Elliott during their rookie year.

This suspension, if not fought will greatly effect the Cowboys’ season and playoff dreams. If fought, this suspension could be one of the biggest mistakes made by Goodell while acting as NFL Commissioner. We have a lot of questions about this as football fans and just as people, but we lack most answers we’re looking for. We will know in three days if we’re seeing the most season altering NFL suspension in years. Or if we’re seeing the start of yet another NFL, “whatever gate” again. If Elliott fights the case let’s call this one, “suspensiongate”. We’ll know either way in the next three days.


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