Professional Wrestling

Enzo Amore In Trouble And Maybe On The Move!

Recently the actions of Enzo Amore in the WWE locker room have angered many superstars. Many wrestlers have reported Amore for multiple violations on various WWE policies. Most recently Enzo has had heat after a stripper gave a tell all interview to a tabloid about a night she spent with the WWE superstar. And even more recent than that, Enzo was reported by others superstars for bringing “uninvited guest” into the WWE locker room. Superstars claimed to see the, “uninvited guest” taking pictures and videos while in the locker room. Needless to say, that hasn’t gone over well for Enzo.
Talk has begun about a possible move for Enzo Amore to WWE 205 Live or even back down to WWE NXT. The reason for the possible move being, the rest of the WWE roster doesn’t want to keep Enzo around they claim. Other WWE superstars have made claims that Enzo is rude, mean, and he has no respect for anyone but himself. Will this force the start of a singles career for Enzo? And how will Vince McMahon fix the issues with Enzo Amore?
My guess is, Enzo Amore will start a singles career and he’ll be moved to WWE 205 Live. Moving Enzo to 205 Live to me seems like the smartest and most logical move for the WWE to make regarding Amore. The move of Enzo to 205 Live would be a great chance for Enzo to become a main event caliber wrestler. On shows like Raw and Smackdown, it is difficult for a name like Enzo Amore to raise over names like John Cena, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal, Brock Lesnar and names like that. However on 205 Live it may be easier for Enzo to compete against names like Gentleman Jack Gallagher, TJP, Rich Swann, and even Neville. Plus it would add some extra depth and talent to the 205 Live roster.
If Mr. McMahon doesn’t move Enzo to 205 Live, look for Enzo to be “punished” for a little while. If McMahon doesn’t move Enzo it’s likely because he is going to give Enzo some sort of punishment for his actions. We know from the past that when a WWE superstar gets in trouble, Vince makes them pay. If Vince decides to punish Enzo, look for Enzo to be forced to work with a partner for a while to come. Also watch for Enzo being put in situations that make him look bad(like being forced to dangle above the ring in a shark cage).
Hopefully Vince McMahon will send Enzo to 205 Live, this way we all win. The other WWE superstars win because, they won’t have to deal with Enzo anymore. Enzo wins because he moves somewhere that he can be flourish and really become a star and maybe even a champion. Vince wins because, he’ll quit getting bad reports about Enzo(hopefully), it adds talent and a charismatic superstar to 205 Live, and it frees up Big Cass and Big Show from the Enzo deal. Plus we the fans win, because we get to see Enzo improve and we don’t have see him mid-card week after week.
Only time will tell if Enzo is on the move or if he’s going to be dealt with a whole different way. Either way, we’ll all be watching to see what happens to certified G and bona fide stud. And let’s hope he cleans up his act before something real bad happens. Will the locker room and home troubles be an issue for Enzo going into the future? And will Big Show act as a giant mentor to Enzo and help him deal with his problems. We’ll follow this closely and we’ll all tune in and see what happens.

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