NXT Review: August 9th, 2017

To start the night of NXT action, SAnity stood in the ring and called out Authors of Pain (A.O.P.). As the A.O.P. began to walk down the ramp, they were attacked from behind by Eric Young! The A.O.P. was beaten badly and one member even found himself bound to the guard railing. SAnity began to stomp and punch the singled out member of A.O.P. to the point the bound member even pulled the railing into the ring to save his partner! However, he was a slow moving easy target and became another victim of the beating. The beating would eventually end as SAnity posed with the NXT Tag Team Championships over the knocked out A.O.P.
 In the first match of the night, the Metro Brothers took on the Street Profits it a quick match. Despite being trained by the famous Dudleys, the Metro Brothers were no match for the Street Profits. The Street Profits took control of the match almost from the very first move of the bout. The Street Profits did all kind of exciting moves! Everything from a 5 Star Frog Splash to a 360 Stinger Splash, and even more! After follow up top rope moves, the Street Profits went for the pin. And as easy as 1,2,3, the Street Profits had a win!
 After that match, NXT GM William Regal called Drew McIntyre and NXT Champion Bobby Rood to the ring. Rood had an entire security detail at ring side to in his words, “protect everyone”. After both McIntyre and Rood ranted for a few minutes, they were interrupted by Roderick Strong appearing at the top of the ramp way. Strong wanted a match with Rood right then and there. Rood agreed to a title match with him, but only after Strong, “went through” McIntyre. After having to convince NXT GM William Regal to approve the match, they got it set. McIntyre vs. Strong next week on NXT. And if Strong wins, he gets a title match after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.
 The next match was a slow paced, more technical bout. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan went head to head in a great match to take notes on. The two men put on a clean display of a wrestling clinic. They match going back and fourth through out. Towards the end of the match, Burch was able to build up some momentum he desperately needed. Burch was able to use the late momentum to reverse a Boston Crab by Lorcan into a pin fall for the three count! As a sign of respect, after the match  the two men shook hands to the delight and cheers of the crowd.
 After that, Andrade “Cien” Almas accompanied by Zelina Vega took on No Way Jose in a wild match. Jose started the bout by attempting to lock up with Almas. Almas however wasn’t yet ready to fight.  Almas Sneaks a waist lock on Jose, but Jose says, “no way” and escapes the hold. Zelina Vega pulls Almas from the ring in an attempt to refocus him. The, “refocusing” seemed to work until a boot was delivered by Jose to the face of the boasting Almas. However Almas would again take control of the match after a kick left Jose down inn the corner. Almas goes for the pen after hitting Jose with a running double knee to the face. He is stopped mid pin though by Vega. Vega request that Almas, “finish” Jose, Almas did so with a devastating DDT for the win.
 Almas and Vega celebrate the win as they walk up the ramp way. But then Vega grabs a mic from the commentators. She then claims Almas has earn the spotlight, and that he deserves to be at TakeOver. Vega said, “If Johnny Gargano is looking for an opponent, then he’s got one now.” And with that the two walked out. What will GM William Regal say about that? We’ll find out with in the week one way or another.

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