Ian Kinsler Claimed Off Waivers By Unknown Team

Rumors have been swirling around baseball that an unknown team has claimed Detroit Tigers second baseman, Ian Kinsler.

This is not the first time Kinsler’s name has been brought to the attention of trade rumors. Earlier this week, Ian Kinsler received interest from the Milwaukee Brewers but the Brewers were not awarded Ian Kinsler on revocable waivers. The winning team that claimed Kinsler off waivers now has 48-hours to work out a trade for him or everything goes back to normal and Kinsler continues the season with Detroit.

Ian Kinsler is currently in a contract year with the Tigers but can remain with the Tigers in 2018 under his player option which will pay him $18 million in 2018. If for some reason Kinsler does make it to the free agent market he will be one of the most sought-after free agents this winter. Check back for more information as the story continues to take shape.

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