Atlanta Falcons Sign RB Devonta Freeman To A Contract Extension

The Atlanta Falcons and two time Pro Bowl Running Back Devonta Freeman have reached a contract agreement. The agreement includes a five-year contract extension worth $41.25 million that will pay a little over $8 million each season. This is the highest paying contract for any running back in NFL history. Though it may be beaten soon, by the possible contract of La’Veon Bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But for now, Devonta Freeman is the highest paid running back in the NFL.

It’s easy to see why Freeman has the honor of being the highest paid running back in NFL history, once you see his stats. Devonta Freeman age 25, is heading into just his third year in the NFL and has already played in a Super Bowl! Since his rookie year in 2015, Freeman has racked up 2,383 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns! And remember that he shared the role of running back with Tevin Coleman for all of the last year.

The obvious question is, will he be worth $8 million a year? Something else you might ask is, will he still be sharing the back field with Coleman? The answer to both is likely yes. Freeman said recently, ” the only thing left now is to get that trophy(the Lombardi Trophy).” What that tells me is, Freeman is obviously motivated and at $8 million a year, he’s happy too. When you combine happy, well paid, motivated, and Super Bowl level talent. And then you put that into a 25-year-old athlete, you have a very impressive player. And that’s exactly what you get with Devonta Freeman.

One thing is for sure, he’ll be fun to watch this year. A player that young, that talented, and that paid, will either be great or he’ll self-destruct under the pressure. The future looks very bright for Devonta Freeman and the Atlanta Falcons. And it looks like Freeman and the Falcons might just be together for a good while. We’ll see in a few weeks if Freeman can live up to the $41.25 million the Falcons think he’s worth, or if he had “beginners luck” his first two years. My prediction, this will either be Freeman’s worst or best season of his life. All that said, we at least know this. He’s focused on one thing now, “getting that trophy”.


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