Why Kyrie Irving Trade To Phoenix Will Happen

Recently talk of a trade between the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavilers has filled the air. The trade could be Josh Jackson and Eric Bledsoe from the Suns, for Kyrie Irving from the Cavilers. Who would benefit most from this trade? Why would this trade take place? Could it really happen and how soon? I’ll answer all that and more, in this report.

So, who would benefit most from this trade? It really all depends on how you look at it. The Cavs would certainly benefit financially from the trade having just signed Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. Plus they would be acquiring two players for just one. However the Suns would certainly benefit from the addition of another star-player, especially one who has been to multiple NBA Finals. If the Suns had a tandem of Devin Booker and Kyrie Irving, they could produce some very talented and exciting basketball.

So why would this trade take place? This trade would likely take place to free up some roster room and a little cap space for the Cavs. Why would the Suns do this trade? The Suns would likely do this trade to get the experience, knowledge, and skills that Kyrie has to offer. Both teams have different goals and this trade could help both achieve their goals, and with a little more ease.

I believe the trade of Irving for Jackson and Bledsoe could very possibly take place. I believe if the trade is going to happen, it will within the next 30 days. I think the trade is almost a must even, for the Cavs. Because trying to control the personalities of Rose, Love, James, and Irving all at once on the same court, would likely be difficult. Also with talk of a possible move for Russel Westbrook to Cleveland, the Cavs would have to eliminate one of those personalities to make it work.

So to sum it up, both teams would benefit in different ways from the trade. Suns fans might miss Bledsoe and even Jackson, but would likely be delighted to accept Irving to the team. The Cavs team and fans would miss Kyrie no doubt. However the fans would likey get over it quickly due to the addition of Rose and possibly Westbrook. Kyrie could be the missing piece the Suns are looking for and Jackson and Bledsoe could add some needed depth to the Cavs. Only time will tell if the trade will happen, but it certainly will be an exciting one if it does.

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