Nevada: Nevada Names David Cornwell As Starting Quarterback

Nevada head coach Jay Norvell announced that former Alabama quarterback David Cornwell has emerged as the teams starting quarterback “for now”.

In a media conference, Jay Norvell said: “David’s the starting quarterback right now and he’ll have to compete and earn that spot throughout training camp and if there’s reason for him not to be we’ll address”. This offseason, Nevada had a rough patch at quarterback as they lost Hunter Fralick who was supposed to be their answer at quarterback but now the emergence of David Cornwell will now be Nevada’s answer at quarterback.

David Cornwell, a junior, spent three seasons and earned his degree with Alabama and was an outside option at quarterback from the Crimson Tide. Transferring from Alabama back in January, Cornwell came to Nevada and went to work outplaying fellow quarterbacks Ty Gangi and Cristian Solano in the teams spring game. Nevada meets Northwestern on September 2nd.

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